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Girls Becoming Independent Women and All That Entails


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Counselors frequently deal with young women who have just left home. This is a complex time of transition, during which girls become true independent women. But the pressures are high: leaving home, finding a job, becoming independent.


All these things can lead to anxiety and depression and it is very common for women to struggle with this tremendous change.

Counseling for Independence

With some young women, these feelings of anxiety simply pass. Other times, the best women’s counseling San Leandro has to offer is really beneficial. San Leandro is a lovely place for those seeking their independence to get started.

However, it is also an expensive place, which means many women star to have to share apartments with others, be they their partners or even complete strangers. Being independent from parents is both challenging and fun. Women often feel very homesick for a while, and they discover that a roommate is very different from parents, and that it was always about more than companionship.

Others feel overjoyed with being out of the family nest, and this can bring feelings of guilt. Others notice that their parents didn’t prepare them for living independently. Others still find that the relationships they have with their roommates are not what they expected, and that they simply don’t relate in the way they had expected, even if this roommate is a partner or a close friend. Moving out is as much about complex social relationships as it is about anything else.

Young women coming into therapy often discuss that their expectations of a new situations were not what they expected. They may hate their job, or their relationship may be failing. They often feel very discouraged because of this, and they often feel that they can’t go to their family for fear of looking like a failure.

What therapy can do is make sure that young women understand that they are not failing, but that they are actually learning. That life is one big learning curve, and that there are coping strategies out there for any situation that they may encounter. While acknowledging that becoming independent is stressful, therapy and counseling can show them that it is also a wonderful time.

Therapy can be provided in a range of different ways. Often, it involves talking about feelings and exploring possible solutions. Other times, if it becomes clear that there are more significant issues at heart, such as full depression or eating disorders, more help will be offered.

For many young women, the cost is a significant barrier for this. However, the vast majority of counselors have a great understanding of the financial difficulties young people have, and will either have easy to follow payment terms, or even offer therapy on a basis comparable to pro bono legal advice.

As such, if you feel that you could use therapy, don’t let finances stand in your way. Help is out there to make sure you can enjoy becoming an independent young woman.


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