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Getaway Spots in Atlanta that You Just Can’t Miss Out


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Do you know what the best part of living in a city full of zestful vibes, cheerful people, and bright sunshine is?  All the places to explore!


There’s a lot to cover in any town that has a suburban feel to it along with lavish greenery and just the right amount of infrastructural masterstrokes to make it look like a beautiful piece of art. These ladies and gentlemen can be found in one place for sure– the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

A place that has a humungous significance in American history and its mentions are being embossed into the city’s blessed record books, Atlanta is a great place to have a getaway at. Although it is often not considered to be the most happening city on the USA traveler’s road map, it has a glamour of its own.

Atlanta is full of things to do, and the spots on the map are so many that one could never get enough of this meticulous city.

From amusement parks to museums and essential stages of American history, Atlanta might have it all, but who do you think would have the most fun while looking for a getaway spot in Atlanta? You guessed it right– kids!

There are quite a lot of places in this city that’d add up to your “best things to do with family” list, and we are going to check some of the attractions which just cannot be skipped.

Here are the best attractions to check out if you’re a tourist that just touched down in Atlanta with family or even the local population in case they missed a few spots.

Playgrounds and Splashing it out

The weather report is Atlanta is not all about the heat, but summers do get on the nerves. For that very reason, playgrounds with splash pods are pretty essential and necessary for families–, especially kids.

Playgrounds carry serendipity of their own, and it comes along with a handy place to feast on sumptuous lunchboxes full of PB&J and crackers.

In the city of Atlanta, many hot spots are well maintained, very well suited for kids. The Centennial Olympic Park houses the revolutionary Fountain of the Rings, and if interactive fountains aren’t your thing, then what is?


Kids love this modern marvel, and it is super fun for people of all ages. Moving on, there’s, of course, the Piedmont Park, something that’s best suited for long strolls and splashes at the renowned Legacy Fountain. The playground is pretty spectacular too.

The historic Fourth Ward Park is again a park that can prove to be an all in one picnic solution for every family’s requirements. With state of the art splash pad, vast green spaces, and vivid playgrounds, this is a place to cherish.

Museums and Learning Centers

Now that the city of Atlanta is full of history and it has a plethora of mentions in the American textbooks. That means one cannot skip out of the town without checking out the good ol’ museums. This place witnessed a lot of important events from both the Civil Wars to the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

Starting from the Children’s Museum of Atlanta, that’s a kid’s dream weekend hangout spot, this place has it all. Want to be a Waffle House cook? Or play with some Moon Sand? You’ll get it all at this museum that amazes kids and the adults alike.

Also, the Fernbank Museum of Natural History is another place for kids with impressive dinosaur exhibits and science stuff that, again, both kids and adults can make the most of.

For the College Football fanatic in us, the College Football Hall of Fame has lots of memorabilia that’s blessed by the legends. There’s also the ‘skill zone’ for the aspirational athlete inside of us.

Apart from these three, the Museum of Design in Atlanta is also something to check out for the science enthusiasts.

From the History Books

As the relevance of American history books has already been mentioned, let’s get right to the places of historical significance that brew from Atlanta. Kicking off from the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, this place holds a central position in all our hearts.

The birth home of the man who initiated a put an end to a century-long war against racism by coming out as the victor, you get to visit the revolutionary Ebeneezer Baptist Church too.

There’s also the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum, which is the life-sized replica of the Oval Office along with interactive exhibits related to President Jimmy Carter. The Atlanta History Center has everything related to the Civil Wars, from historical memorabilia to Native Americans and Civil War leaders.


The Center for Civil and Human Rights is a family’s favorite, with exhibits from Civil Rights movements and even today’s Global Human Rights movements that are ubiquitously going on throughout the globe.

Free Things to do in Atlanta

Fun with family doesn’t have to come with a cost necessarily, and there is a bouquet of things that can be done for free in the city of Atlanta.

Yes, all you have to do is pack some lunch, and your family is guaranteed fun times. It’s not just the divine Mother Nature up for show– there are plenty of other things to follow.

Want to know which one are they? Check out this bit on the best things to do with family and find a lot of unmissable family attractions without which your trip to Atlanta won’t be considered as a trip well done.

After all, this city is not just a part of American history, and it is the future.

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