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Get Your Family and Go Roller Skating!


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Roller skating was one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid. There was a pavilion just 5 minutes from where I lived, and it was the place to be for so many of us for years.


Now of course it has since closed down and has been turned into a Kingdom Hall, but for years it housed laughter and music and the sounds of wheels rolling along on the polished wooden floors.

Luckily however not all roller rinks are a thing of the past, and remaining rinks provide fun for almost all ages!

I say almost all because in order to skate one has to have use of their legs, which means infants are left out. For the older kiddos though, family night at the roller rink is a wonderful option.

Roller skating is a great way to use up pent up energy, and rinks are open year round, so bad weather days could be made wonderful with a trip to your local roller rink.

Most places rent out skates, similar to going bowling, and prices are fair. Many rinks also have theme nights. The rink closest to my family hosts a variety of theme nights, including disco music night and movie theme nights.

Holiday specials and school year specials are also offered, so it is a great idea to check into your local rink to find out their prices and what specials they run.

If strapping on a pair of skates isn’t exactly your thing, there is also the popular and exciting sport of Roller Derby that is an absolute blast to watch.

Of course I am the kind of girl who would strap on those skates and participate in the derby, but I also love to watch the girls all dolled up in their team’s theme and elbow checking as they make their way to the front of the line for the win.

The music, the cheering, and the sheer excitement of the fast-moving derby dolls provides an all ages show everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.


For the adventurous, the whole family could invest in roller skates and make a day of it in various places.

Here in West Michigan there is a “Rail Trail” for cyclists, walkers, joggers, and roller skaters to use that runs through the scenic parts of the state, safely tucked away from vehicular traffic in most parts.

Some skate parks also allow roller skaters in, providing a “cool” place for your family to visit and utilize. Roller skating is great exercise and fun to do!

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