Some people are die-hard users of essential oils, and some are skeptics. Since there are a variety of uses for essential oils, you’ll find yourself using them more often than not.

Regardless of how you initially use them, essential oils have been proven to deliver a variety of health benefits, especially if you’re battling a winter illness. When you have a runny nose, congestion, or a sore throat, be sure to check out these essential oils to battle winter illness.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil has antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties, which makes it a great choice for those who are battling winter illnesses. In fact, this essential oil is a great choice for congestion, so be sure to have it on hand when you’re battling a stuffy nose. The best way to use this to help you get better is to use it in an inhaler or a bath, and you’ll find yourself feeling better in no time.


When battling congestion of a sore throat, using pine essential oil is a great way to start curing yourself. In fact, pine helps you clear your nasal passages and relieves your sore throat pain, and you can use it in an inhaler to make you feel better almost instantly.


Lavender is another great essential oil option, and people love it because it’s safe to use on children. This essential oil has antiseptic and antimicrobial  properties, which allows you to feel so much better when you’re feeling under the weather.


With antiseptic and antiviral properties, the peppermint essential oil is best used in a steam inhaler to help you feel better. However, if you have kids, be sure you’re not using this essential oil around kids, as it’s not a safe option for them to inhale.


Thyme is a great choice for individuals who are suffering from congestion. In fact, any type of nasal congestion, whether little or big, can be reduced by thyme in a bath or a steam inhaler. Place the thyme in your bath or steam inhaler and then take in some big breaths to help you start to feel better and break up the congestion in your nose or chest.


Lemon essential oil is packed with a high number of vitamins, which makes it a great way to start feeling better when you’re feeling under the weather. In fact, this essential oil is meant to stimulate your white blood cells, so you can actually start to kill the diseases or viruses that are making you feel bad. Drop a little bit of this in your water or use it how you feel fit and start to reap the health benefits.


Sore throats can be a big nuisance and make you feel poorly; however, using thieves is a great way you can battle the sore throat and feel much better in a small amount of time. Use thieves in a way that will make you feel better, such as an inhaler or in a drink, and you’ll find yourself alleviating the sore throat and starting to swallow.


Rosemary OilFinally, when you’re looking to battle the winter illness, you’ll want to check out the health benefits of rosemary. Like a few of the other options on this list, rosemary has been known to help reduce congestion in your nose, head, or chest. When you want to break up the congestion in your body, use the rosemary, and you’ll start to feel this break up and give yourself the ability to breath and start to feel back to normal.

Essential oils have a variety of health benefits to battle the winter blues, and they don’t come with those unattractive side effects that traditional medicine can. If you want to get rid of that cold so you can enjoy your winter activities, stock up on the essential oils you’ll need.

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