Obesity has such a negative impact on your life. It puts you at risk for serious health problems and wreaks havoc on your daily life, affecting your ability to walk around easily and even to shop for clothes. You can reclaim your health and looks by looking into weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass or lap band surgery.

Weight loss surgery promises exceptional results, but keep in mind that it’s not a quick fix and it’s not to be done on just anyone. As a matter of fact, it is usually the last resort for people who are morbidly obese. The most widely preferred procedure is called the laparoscopic gastric band, or lap band surgery.

The main reason why it’s popular is because it’s fast and only a few side effects. Here are some details on lap band weight loss surgery. Lap band surgery is a form of restrictive weight loss surgery. It works primarily by restricting the amount of food that can be accommodated by your digestive system. This means your body will absorb fewer calories.

The surgery is done by forming a pouch on the top part of the stomach, with an inflatable band around it. This band is then attached to the stomach with staples. This pouch is the receptacle for the food you eat, filling up quickly and instantly letting you know that you’re full. As a result, you stop eating immediately. The food will then pass through to the stomach and then reach the small intestine.

A few weeks after the operation was completed and your sutures have healed, your doctor will then inflate the band with the use of a reservoir attached to the band by a tube. This inflation causes the restriction. The reservoir is located just under your skin, and this will allow the doctor sufficient room to maneuver and access the band. It is important to adjust this band to its optimum size, and you may find that you will need some regular adjustments over the next few months.

Lap band surgery is popular for other reasons as well. Its name states that it is laparoscopic surgery, or keyhole surgery. This means it is non-invasive, which will make sure that you won’t be left with severe scarring. The speed is also remarkable; the procedure is over within 30 minutes. You can also be sure that nutrients will be properly absorbed, because the food flows through the entire digestive system.

How do you know if lap band surgery is right for you? The most important requirement is that you have been severely overweight for more than five years. You should also have been trying to lose weight using the usual methods. Your weight loss efforts should have lasted a minimum of six months, consisting of diet and exercise.

You also need to figure out if your health is threatened by your weight, or if you are morbidly obese. Being morbidly obese means that you have a body mass index (BMI) of over 40. A BMI of more than 35 is also accepted for surgery if you have a medical condition as well, like diabetes.

You should also make sure that you don’t have any psychological or physical problems. Consult your physician to determine your health condition.

Should these conditions apply to you, consult a physician specializing in bariatrics or obesity cure. He or she will then present you with appropriate weight loss options; this may include lap band surgery. After this, he or she will give you more information on the procedure and begin the first steps that will prepare you for the surgery.

Being able to lose weight quick can change your life in so many ways, improving your physical, social, and emotional aspects. Make sure to get in touch with a physician or a lap band surgery specialist today to find out if the procedure is right for you.

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