Narcolepsy Disorder

Narcolepsy in other words excessive daytime sleepiness is a sleep issue affecting millions. In U.S along thousands of people are complaining about the disorder. This is not a fatal one but certainly increases chances of accidents and injuries that increases death rate.

In this sleep issues, people tend to sleep anywhere and at any given time of the day. The sleep period may last from few seconds to minutes. The average time span of falling asleep in the middle of the day is 15 minutes.

However this can be treated with the help of oral medications and modafinil for narcolepsy has been used extensively in the treatment. This medicine is also very beneficial in the treatment of other sleeping issues such as shift work disorder and obstructive sleep apnea.

Symptoms of narcolepsy

The funniest thing about narcolepsy is that this issue makes people sleep at any time. In the middle of the conversation, in the lecture or while driving a vehicle people tend to fall asleep. This makes it very difficult to complete the task or work to be completed in a day.

Therefore treating narcolepsy has become so important. Other symptoms are sleep paralysis, hallucinations and muscle weakness. Since few years scientists were trying to classify this disorder as psychological problem.

But evidences concluded that this issue is of physical nature. For example researchers have proved that this disorder runs in the generations and even found in some breeds of dogs. This time narcolepsy is considered as neurological issue rather than psychogenetic disorder which have connection with the mind.

In normal sleep pattern the person falls asleep in within the time span of 60 to 90 minutes, one reaches to the stage called REM or rapid eye movement stage. This all happens without your realization.

However your muscles go weak during this stage and this prevents us from acting out of our dreams. Narcolepsy affects this REM stage. A person affected with this sleeping issue gets into this stage as soon as he falls asleep.

During daytime also, he get the urge to sleep without prior warning and gets shifted to the REM stage. That is why some doctors called narcolepsy as REM dysfunction disorder. Fortunately this can be treated with growing off-label use of Provigil medicine Modafinil which improves wakefulness in people dealing with this disorder.

Effects of narcolepsy

Narcolepsy also affects the normal state of the body and mind causing them to become out of phase. In such scenario the person wakes up from the sleep however his body remains in the REM situation and the result is he cannot move his muscle.

In other cases body gets into the REM state while the person is awake causing sudden numbing of the muscles.

Fortunately treatment for narcolepsy is available. Growing off-label use of Provigil is the best treatment of removing this type of disorder. You can buy this medicine from online stores available on internet but be aware o the fake companies.