Vagina pregnancy
Waiting for a baby.

Some couples make it seem like it’s easy to get in bed and make babies. I mean how do you explain why there are people who give birth to children year in year out without difficulty, and there are also lots of people who are struggling to get even one baby?

The question of why it is difficult for a lot of people to get pregnant, we cannot begin to answer as the list of factors involved are endless. But, we do know there are many available methods of fertility boost for both man and woman that have proven to work over the years.

So, if you’re trying to make babies, it is very vital to again the basics knowledge about how to get pregnant. What this means is getting familiar with how your body works and taking advantage of tools like the fertility awareness Method which this article is going to explain.

What is the fertility awareness method?

Calculating your monthly menstrual circle might have become easy, but not every woman knows how to take note of her facility signs. The fertility awareness method is simply the habit of keeping track of your different fertility signs so you can identify the right time to try making babies.

At the centre of the fertility awareness method is the focus on personal body observation which includes anything from a thickening of your cervical fluids to a simple change in your body temperature so that you can easily get a better knowledge of your reproductive health and also get pregnant whenever you feel you are ready for a child.

Are you aware that checking your body temperature or taking a good look at your cervical discharge could tell you where you are in your monthly circle? Now you know.

The good thing about the fertility awareness method is that it can turn a simple quickie into the baby making magic you have been looking for if you use it correctly (that’s achieving so much with little effort).

How do I make fertility awareness work for me?

The fertility awareness tool can work for anybody, all you have to do is follow the six steps I’m about to explain.

1. Get familiar with your cycle

Aside from when you are trying to get pregnant, as a natural birth control method, knowing when to have sex during the month is key to giving you the results you desire. Believe it or not, perfect timing has always made all the difference.

Naturally, every woman should get her ovulation 14 days backwards from when she had her last cycle. For women who have a consistent Circle, predicting when an egg will be released is usually easy.

Although most women who have consistent cycle have their ovulation precisely 14 days before they get their menses, it has been discovered that ovulation can take place between 12-16 days before a woman’s next period begins.

It is common these days to have lots of women complain about unstable cycles because of the kind of foods we consume and some unhealthy lifestyles that result triggers a hormonal imbalance.

This makes it difficult to predict the when the next ovulation or menses begins, however, there are different methods that can help women with irregular cycles predict ovulation easily.

a) Track your BBT

Keep a daily track of your basal body temperature by checking it before you get out of bed every morning. Whenever you notice a slight rise of up to 0.4 degrees in your temperature, it means you are ovulating.

b) Make use of OPKs

Ovulation prediction kits are used to check urine samples for any rise in hormones that comes before ovulation.

These kits are very easy to use and can be purchased over the counter. The downside however of using OPKs is that they can be pricey and sometimes unreliable, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that they are useful.

c) Monitor your discharge

Just before a woman begins to ovulate, her vagina discharge changes and mimics the colour and consistency of a raw egg white. This change should be easy to detect but some women find it difficult and sometimes confusing to figure out.

d) Manually check your cervical position

Did you just scream “Can I really do that?” yes you can. All that’s is needed a little practice, and you will be able to check the position of your cervix to help you determine when you are ovulating. Whenever you notice your Cervix is higher up in your vagina than usual, and it is harder for you to reach it, know you are ovulating.

2. Have sex when the baby making window opens

Once you have been able to identify your likely ovulation date, you have recognized when the baby making window opens which is the time you almost fertile and should try having babies. It is wise to start having sex five days before the predicted ovulation date.

Also, you should take note that when an egg is released, it only last 12 hours. And less than a day after your ovulation, the chances of getting pregnant become slim or non-existent, so your time is of the essence here.

You may also have noticed that after ovulation your libido is likely to drop and natural lubrication reduces. Sex during this time might also become slightly uncomfortable because your body is trying to send a message to you that the baby making window for that month is finally closed and you have to wait till the coming month.

if the prospective father of the baby has some sperm issues, it is advisable to have sex every day leading up to the ovulation day to increase your chances of making a baby as regular sex will help his sperm regenerate.

3. Choose the right lubricant

A woman’s natural lubrication is designed in such a way that sperm can easily swim to make contact with the egg. What this means is that using artificial lubricant can give you an extra glide during intercourse to help the sperm swim faster.

However, you have to be careful of your choice of lube as some of them contain spermicides. If you are in the mood for some DIY Lube, you can make use of egg whites straight out of your fridge as it is a sperm friendly kind of lubricant.

But if you can’t deal with the smell of an egg, you can check out for other sperm friendly lubricants.

4. Reduce your stress level

One of the major causes of health issues asides poor diet is stress. People these days are exposed to so much stress, and it messes with the hormones.

When you are faced with a life and death situation like being chased by a bad guy, your body immediately becomes stronger, and you see yourself performing tasks that are superhuman so that you don’t wind up dead. This is known as the fight or flight response, and the sympathetic nervous system controls it.

when you are stressed, your sympathetic nervous system shuts down the basic things that your body should be doing (like helping you conceive) temporarily and assumes the fright or flight mode because it senses that you are unsettled.

Something else we have discovered is that when you’re trying to make a baby, its kind of stressful when you don’t make one right away. And every sexual intercourse you have with your partner is focused totally on achieving conception than having fun in an intimate way which isn’t mentally healthy.

Stress has been linked to infertility a lot of times so if you feel you are stressed it is better to take some time and relax so that your body will be in the right state to house a new human when next you have sex.

5. Pay attention to your stomach and your feelings

If you’re looking to have a baby and you still engage in binge eating, smoking, taking a sedative, consuming caffeinated beverages and other unhealthy things you can do without, this is the right time to stop.

There is a possibility of what you eat six months before trying to make babies affecting your fertility and the health of your baby. Ditch the junk foods and eat right, drink plenty of water, and work as much as possible to reduce your visits to the drug store if you are addicted to medications.

Cod liver oil supplements are very healthy for you and your partner if you want healthy sperm and eggs to make healthy babies so have them at home. Control your feelings, so you don’t get angry quickly.

If you have misunderstandings with people around you, try as much as possible to settle them so that your heart is at rest and you don’t end up thinking too much about who did or said what. Emotional stress can mess with your efforts to make babies, and you don’t want that.

6. Know when you need to seek extra help

If you have tried all the listed tips and many others yet you notice the babies are not forthcoming, it is time to find other medical options.

Note that talking to your doctor about the previous options you have explored is essential so that he or she knows what you have subjected your body to before giving you any form of advice.

Patience is essential when you are trying to conceive, the more worried you get, the more stressed you become, and that is not good for your hormones. Take every day one step at a time with a positive mindset and watch how things work out in your favour eventually.