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Germs: Here’s Where These Invisible Buggers Hang Out


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No matter how long, often or vigorously your clean your house, there are still thousands of germs that are lurking around like a boss.


Sadly, without you knowing, these viruses and bacteria are making you and your family sick. Also, do you know flu viruses can stay active for up to 1 day?

The bad part is that these pesky germs are more active on hard surfaces like tabletop, plastic and stainless steel than the softer ones like fabric.

Keeping your health safeguarded is in your hands. So, make a point of washing hands using Dettol hand wash after every activity that calls for cleaning hands. Stress on washing hands after handling garbage, before preparing food, after eating food and washing dishes.

Now let’s get back to the chief part. Where do germs mostly hang out in the house? Here are six places where germs find a hospitable environment to breed and grow. Take a look!

Your Smartphone

Yes, we know this one is shocking which is why it grabbed the first spot. There was a time when individuals used to carry a newspaper to the washroom to make the most of the time while clearing the stomach.

However, today people have inculcated the habit of carrying their smartphone to get daily news updates. What they don’t realize is that their smartphone is becoming carrier to harmful germs like E. coli, MRSA, and Streptococcus.

It might not make you feel good, but according to a research, one in six cell phones were found to be contaminated with faecal matter.


Don’t carry your phone to the washroom and occasionally clean it using isopropyl alcohol and water.

Kitchen Sponge

Let us break it to you that your dear kitchen sponge harbours 362 different species of bacteria. Yes, we are talking about the same kitchen sponge that you use to clean kitchen countertops and utensils.


It is home to disease-causing bacteria like Chryseobacterium, Moraxella, and Acinetobacter, among other pathogens.


Microwave the sponge for a minute or soak it in a combination of water and bleach. Don’t use any sponge for more than two weeks.



Hold back as this one is going to shatter you. More than 10 million bacteria call your toothbrush as home.

Well, that number is higher than the number of bacteria present on the toilet seat. You might not know this, but your toothbrush is exposed to aerosolised mist of water every time you flush after getting the job done.

These droplets land on the toothbrush and in a way, you clean your beautiful pearls with faecal matter.


Keep the toilet lid shut when flushing and give your toothbrush a cap for all-around protection. Don’t put the cap when the bristles are still wet.

Door Knob and Handles

Even the clean freaks skip wiping the doorknob and handles. From your maid to the dog, everyone touches these surfaces throughout the day. Thus, making it an ideal ground for bacteria and viruses.


Clean hands using Dettol hand sanitizer every time you touch any knob or handle. Frequently clean these areas using disinfectant wipes.

Pet Toys and Bowls

pet toys


No matter how much you love your furry friend, you will have to admit that they pass germs that can make anyone sick.

Pet toys and bowls are among the most infected places in the house. Salmonella, E. Coli and more are mostly found on pet products.


Use warm water and soap to clean all the dishes your pet uses. Toss the toys in the wash every two weeks to maintain hygiene.

Now that you know about the places where germs often hide in your home, it will become fairly easy for you to tackle them. Make sure to wash hands using Dettol hand wash to avoid Diarrhoea.

Keep your kids protected even outside the home by hanging a small bottle of Dettol hand sanitizer with their bag. Teach them to use it after every activity that calls for cleaning hands.

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