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How many times have you heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? Do you agree that it is? Studies show that when we sleep at night, our bodies work double time to replenish the energy and cells that we used up the previous day.

Thus, our bodies use twice the energy when we sleep. It can be contradicting but it is how the human body works. The point being made here is that because your body uses up energy when you sleep, it is only fitting that you replenish that energy when you wake up and before you start your day.

Start your day with the right amount of nutrients and energy by eating breakfast. Here are 4 reasons to prove that morning breakfast is actually good for your health.

It decreases risks of type 2 diabetes

Studies show that skipping breakfast increases the risks of type 2 diabetes especially in women. This is generally because the energy consumed in the morning is not quickly replenished through eating breakfast, therefore the body uses up the stored energy and this increases possibilities of hypoglycemia cases.

It improves the memory

Memory is also one majorly affected by skipping breakfast. Memory loss is one of the most common effects, but it can also fall to severe psychological cases and even dementia. Researches have shown that children who eat breakfast have more active cognitive abilities and memory banks than children who skip breakfast. Cognitive functions and health also reverberates to later ages.

It can make you lose weight

An obvious and easily seen change in the body when not eating breakfast is a sudden weight loss. Although for some this may seem good news, weight loss due to skipping meals, as we all know, is not a healthy strategy. You may lose weight but you are losing the healthy kind of weight. The result is not a toned body but it may look sagged and malnourished.

If you wish to lose weight, eat breakfast still. Choose the meals with low carb, such as fruits and a little bread. Also, avoid oily food in the morning. Cereals and meals that are rich in fiber can help with cleansing and regular bowel movement.

It decreases risks of heart disease

Probably the most frightening effect of not eating breakfast, risks of heart diseases has been shown to increase in men who skip breakfast.

This is true for middle-aged and older men. Research shows that skipping breakfast can increase risks of hypertension and blood sugar which can affect cardiovascular functions and lead to heart problems. On the other hand, eating a healthy meal for breakfast lowers the risks of heart diseases in men.

Coffee may be the common option, since caffeine is known to be good at kick starting your day. However, coffee contains acidic properties that can start an acid reflux if not contested with food in the stomach. Caffeine and acid may also weaken the tooth enamel and form teeth and gum problems. If you have problems with teeth, teeth whitening can help bring back your bright smile.

Fruits, on the other hand, contain the right amount of nutrients and energy-boosters to keep you energized and healthy. Eating breakfast is what you need to kick start your day, and it is the most important meal.

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