Healthcare Career

Upon debuting back in August 2009, Shark Tank has continued to provide the platform for a wide array of different entrepreneurs to kickstart their businesses.

While many products and services have been pitched to the show’s panel of investors, few have been able to enjoy long-term success, particularly in the healthcare sector. Some of the ones that did, though, have earned themselves a loyal following.

Today, let’s take a look at some of the most forward-thinking health-related ideas that have come out of Shark Tank.

Bite Eco-Friendly Toothpaste

According to IBISWorld, the market size of the dental industry is set to reach $142.2 billion in 2020, which highlights the profit-centered potentials of the sector.

Because of this, it’s hardly surprising that Shark Tank investors have shown an interest in getting involved in the industry.

In an episode which aired in April 2020, Asher Hunt and Lindsay McCormick, the co-founders of Bite Toothpaste Bits, appeared on the show seeking to alter the manufacturing of toothpaste tubes.

Although their eco-friendly dental solution didn’t receive investment, the business undoubtedly benefited from appearing on the program.

The product itself sought to change the outlook of the toothpaste sector, moving the market towards a tablet-based future.

Crucially, the tablets are packaged in a reusable glass bottle, thus eradicating the need for plastic.

Moreover, in moving away from plastic, the forward-thinking product also eliminated the prospect of coming into contact with harmful chemicals, such as artificial dyes, sodium lauryl, and triclosan, for example.

Keto Pills

Although they target different aspects of the healthcare sector, tablets and pills are becoming central to a whole host of different markets.

Over the last few years, diet supplements have become increasingly popular, with some being scientifically proven to positively affect weight loss.

Throughout Shark Tank’s 11 years on TV, the program has seen numerous keto-based pills come and go, with some receiving significant financial investment.

Of all of the Shark Tank keto pills to have been pitched to the investors, Keto Boost has proved itself as being one of the most effective. Kevin O’Leary invested in the product, and it has since received positive reviews of its weight-loss abilities.

Fundamentally, this particular brand achieves noticeable results through improving mental focus and stamina, along with suppressing hunger. In turn, this speeds up the fat-burning process of ketosis in the body.

MyoStorm Therapeutic Massage Ball

While the above products have sought to tackle environmental and weight-loss issues, MyoStorm’s massage ball sought to revolutionize physical therapy.

Jonothan DiPeri and Shaquille Walker’s development is described as being the most advanced solution to muscular recovery and chronic pain.

Having walked away from Shark Tank after concluding a deal with Lori Greiner, their product, The Meteor, has gone from strength to strength.

According to Country Living, as of October 2019, the entrepreneur’s creation had boasted total sales of approximately $120,000.

Importantly, the product’s success is down to its ability to enhance physical performance and flexibility, with The Meteor’s movement releasing tension through mobilizing deep soft tissue.

Investment or Not, Shark Tank Has Altered the Healthcare Outlook

Ultimately, there can be no doubts that the successful Shark Tank products are not just the ones that receive investment from the show’s panel. That said, the above creations do have something in common, and that relates to user convenience.

As showcased by the in-house massage ball, weight-loss pills, and eco-friendly tablets, healthcare is becoming an industry that places consumer demands at the forefront of its long-term vision.