Food Recalls

Food recalls aren’t a new thing and they aren’t something that will go away soon. They can happen to almost any kind of food, from meat to vegetables.

Just recently Amy’s, a big supplier of vegan and gluten-free organic boxed foods were part of a recall because of a possible threat of listeria in the spinach they use.

The idea of food recalls can be very scary, especially if you happen to find that you are in possession of one of the foods that has been recalled.

Many people buy foods for immediate consumption, which means that by the time a recall is announced they’ve already risked themselves.

How to protect you from food recalls

There is no way to avoid food recalls unless you grow and raise all of your own food. However, there are websites that you can keep an eye on so that you get immediate information when there is a food recall so that you can check your fridge, freezer and pantry.

You can check for food recalls directly through the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. They are one of the four governing factors when it comes to all recalls, whether it’s food or something else. With their website you can search current alerts, as well as archives, to find out what has been recalled and why. You can also sign up for email alerts.

The government’s Food Safety site is another great place to look for food related recalls. You can sign up for text alerts from them so you can get immediate info when an item is recalled. It’s also a great place to find allergen alerts.

What to do if your food is contaminated

Foods don’t always get pulled from the store shelves before they make it to people’s homes. If you find a recalled item on your shelves you can usually take it back to the store you purchased it from for a full refund. The store then returns it to the manufacturer.

If you of one of your family members is unlucky enough to have eaten a recalled item and you find that you get sick, first go to the hospital or visit your family doctor. Then, contact a lawyer because you do have rights.

Your best bet when it comes to food safety is to always keep an eye on the websites that share immediate recalls. There is no sense in risking your health if there is a way to keep track of foods that are found to be less than safe.

While manufacturers don’t put out harmful foods on purpose, things sometimes happen that are beyond their control. It isn’t beyond your control to be aware and knowledgeable.