Doctors are well aware today that addiction to drugs and alcohol stems from a host of physical, psychological, and mental factors. Treating just one aspect of the addiction increases the likelihood that the person will relapse at some point in the future. In essence, the addict is not completely healed because only one element of the person’s addiction has been fully addressed.

When people want to recover fully from their addictions, they may be persuaded to enter a facility that offers more comprehensive treatment. As they search for a facility like a substance abuse rehab center or hospital, they could find the care that they need by choosing one that focuses on holistic healing.
A holistic approach to helping people recover involves treating a person in both mind and spirit. Addiction is caused by and affects more than just a person’s body. It also affects this individual’s emotions and mental wellness.

If doctors and therapists leave one aspect of the person’s recovery unaddressed, this individual stands a greater chance of falling back into behaviors that caused him or her to relapse in the first place. It would be better if therapists and doctors treat the patient mentally, emotionally, and also physically to help that person heal fully and to avoid the temptation of wanting to use again.

The center may then devise an individualized program that addresses the patient’s entire spectrum of needs based on his or her initial diagnosis after entering treatment. For example, if the patient is found to have suffered emotional trauma as a child which led him or her to use, this person would be put through intensive therapy to put those emotional damages to rest. This person’s therapy will allow him or her to find release and also objectify the trauma so that the patient can forgive the perpetrators and then move on with his or her life.

Likewise, someone with emotional scars will also be provided with spiritual treatment. The person may be angry with the higher power this individual recognizes or not believe in any higher power at all. The spiritual focus of the program helps patients surrender their troubles to a higher element and to learn that they are loved and that they have a definitive purpose in the world.

Their lives impact many others, as they discover in treatment. When they realize the toll that their addiction has on others and they learn to take accountability for their own use of drugs, they can then focus on correcting the behaviors that led them down the path to addiction.

The treatment options at a holistic place of healing can vary from patient to patient. Some people need intensive therapy that lasts weeks and requires around-the-clock monitoring of therapists and doctors.

These individuals may benefit by in-patient care where they can be admitted to the facility and be assigned a room where they can stay during their care. Other people may not need as intensive therapy as in-patient clients, yet still require frequent monitoring. These individuals could benefit from outpatient care where they can come to the facility daily or every other day and receive treatment.

After patients have finished their regimen of treatment, they may need regular monitoring to ensure that they do not relapse back into abusing drugs. The holistic program offers aftercare programs where former addicts can come and speak to counselors who can keep them on track. The doctors and therapists can ensure that the patients’ physical, mental, and emotional needs are being met in the community.

They can also make sure that people are getting the spiritual guidance they need. Studies have shown that when people are given aftercare help that they avoid relapsing more so than former addicts who were not given this care. The aftercare help can continue until the addict is strong enough to rejoin and contribute to society.

People who are interested in this level of rehabilitation may wonder how they can get the help them or someone in their life needs. They can call the number that they find online to find an intervention provider. They can also check out the facility’s blog if they need more in-depth information. Holistic healing can give addicts the thorough care they need to overcome their substance abuse issues.

The treatment addresses many factors of their addictions and treats them as whole individuals. Their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs are addressed by licensed doctors and therapists who are trained to care for and monitor patients.