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Flea Bites and Pregnancy: the Effect They Have and How to Handle These Bites?

When a woman is pregnant she is an at an increased risk for many different types of infections. This is due to the changes in hormones as well as the body being in a weaker state. She will need to take extra measures to protect her health including exercising, eating a well-balanced diet, and maintaining proper hygiene.

Flea bites are some of the reason why a woman should pay extra attention to cleanliness and her environment while she is pregnant. Fleas live by sucking blood. They can live on animals, beds, clothing, and just about anywhere else where humans live.

Flea bites can carry a number of diseases including malaria, Murine typhus, the bubonic plague, allergies, and other health conditions. While they are sucking blood, they can pass these diseases onto the human host.

If a woman is pregnant this is very serious as these illnesses can then be passed on to the baby. It is not difficult to keep the flea away. There are some things that can help reduce the chance of a flea infestation and flea bites.

Extra Clean Environments

the woman needs to take extra measures to make sure her home is clean including all bedding and even the soft. All garbage should be removed, and clutter should be removed as well. Any pet beds need to be cleaned and disinfected as well. The home should be vacuumed often especially if there are many areas that are covered in carpet.

In addition to vacuuming the carpet other areas such as baseboards, under the cushions, and couches, any anywhere else that pets like to lay should be vacuumed as well. After vacuuming the canister should be emptied outdoors and thrown away.

Vacuum bags also need to be changed often. If the pet is allowed to go for rides in the car the car needs to be vacuumed out as well. Fleas are able to live in the fabric of the car seats.

Clean the pets

since a woman will be around her pets they need to be clean and measures need to be taken to prevent them from getting flea. The pets should be given regular baths and monthly flea and tick treatment should be applied to the pet.

Flea and tick treatments are applied once a month and will prevent fleas from infecting the pet. Both dogs and cats need this type of flea prevention treatment. They should also be checked by a vet to make sure they are not already infested with flea.

If the pets are outside they should be on a tether, so they do not roam and into the woods or high grass that may have flea. Any toys that the pets have should be washed down weekly in hot water and with a pet friendly soap. This will help kill the eggs. Their bedding and crate should also be washed on a weekly basis.

If a woman thinks she may have gotten bitten by a flea she needs to visit the doctor or another health care professional. Not only does she need to protect herself, she needs to protect the baby growing inside of her. A health care professional has the knowledge to deal with flea bites.

If there is an issue where fleas may have gotten into the home a woman should change the way she dressed for the time being. Fleas often bite the feet, ankles, and the lower part of the legs. If there is suspected flea activity in the home a woman should wear long pants, long sleeves, and socks to prevent bites.

While she is wearing this clothing, she should still wash all the bedding and carpets. A professional may need to be called in to treat the home but at least she can reduce the chance of getting bitten and passing an illness onto the foetus.

There are some things that can be done to help decrease the chance of flea bites. While cleaning the home is the best thing to do to keep fleas away there are some preventative measures that need to be taken if somehow a pregnant woman is exposed to fleas.

Fleas do not like the taste of garlic. A pregnant woman can eat garlic. This will keep the fleas away and garlic is good for overall health.

If a woman gets heartburn from garlic, there are some other things that she can use to avoid getting bites. There are some essential oils that can be applied to the skin to keep the bugs away. These essential oils include lavender oil, peppermint oil, or cedar wood essential oil. These oils can once again be used while the home is being cleaned.

While it is important to treat the inside of the home and keep it clean the outside of the home needs to be treated as well. If a pregnant woman is not able to do things outside she should get some help. The grass needs to be mowed often and all shrubs and trees should be trimmed.

This will take away the places where fleas like to hide. Any shrubs or decorative flowers should be planted away from the home. This will reduce the chance of the fleas entering the home. Light from the sun will also kill fleas and flea eggs.

There are a number of different sprays that can be used to keep the fleas away. Many of these sprays are non-toxic and will not hurt pets or pregnant women.

Do not allow the pets to interact with stray animals because if the animal has fleas they can pass it on to the pet. If a woman follows the tips above, she should be able to prevent flea bites especially when she is pregnant.

Making sure the home is extra clean and the pets receive proper flea and tick treatment will help keep the fleas away and help prevent a pregnant woman for getting flea bites.

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