Testosterone Boosters

As you get older, do you ever feel tired, sluggish, or have a lower libido? It happens to many of us as we get older. There’s nothing wrong with aging, but sometimes our bodies just stop producing high quantities of certain things, including hormones. You might have low testosterone levels.

The most vital hormone—the one responsible for primary and secondary male characteristics, along with a whole host of other important body functions—is probably testosterone. Low testosterone levels can be a real bummer for most men, especially as they age. And they happen in so many ways, from gland disorders to being caused by taking certain medications to just plain aging. Testosterone boosters and supplements might be able to help attenuate some of those issues and add a little bit more pep into the lives of men with low testosterone.  

Zinc Aspartate

Zinc is a fairly common mineral found in a variety of foods like whole grains, milk, and red meat. There’s a pretty good chance several items in your diet are rich in zinc. It’s role is to assist in various metabolic functions at the cellular level. But it’s also often used as a natural testosterone booster. Zinc is known for supporting the immune system and helping the body grow and develop.

Research currently suggests that supplementing your diet with zinc can lead to increased testosterone production in the body. There are numerous supplements available, typically in capsule or pill form, that are set to the proper doses that will help improve production. That said, it’s always best to consult with the physician before taking any supplements at all.

D-Aspartic Acid

Using supplements is always better when they’re based in nature. D-aspartic acid is one of those compounds you’ve probably heard about but might not be able to place exactly where you’ve seen it before. Amino acids—essential acids that build protein—are both made naturally by the body and can be obtained by consuming high protein foods. Aspartic acid is one of these essential amino acids. It manifests in two different forms.

These are L-aspartic acid, which is produced naturally and helps the body build proteins. Then there’s D-aspartic acid, a compound that does not create proteins at all but it’s still created by the body. Instead, it releases and regulates hormones in the body. Since it’s job basically covers testosterone regulation, it’s often used as a testosterone booster. D-aspartic acid does this in two ways. The first is by releasing hormones into the brain that induce testosterone production.

The other is to produce and release the hormones in the testicles themselves. D-aspartic acid supplements are an ideal for a more natural approach to boosting your testosterone levels. As such, it can often be found in a capsule for him, offering plenty of benefits with no known adverse effects.

Magnesium Oxide

Among the many wonderful natural testosterone boosters out there, magnesium oxide is a very popular choice. Why? Because studies suggest that using magnesium oxide increases the total amount of testosterone in sedentary individuals and boosts levels even further in active people. Magnesium is one of the most important chemicals found in the body.

It regulates blood pressure, protein production, nerve and muscle use, and other important functions in your body. Magnesium oxide supplements can help you become more energetic, stay relaxed, and improve testosterone production with the proper use.


A favorite ingredient in some types of cuisine, fenugreek is a delicious herb often used for cooking and medicinal purposes. It’s loaded with benefits like protein, calcium, fiber, and B vitamins. But it’s also used to treat certain medical conditions including low testosterone and diabetes. There’s some compounds in fenugreek known as furostanolic saponins that are able to block the two enzymes that break down testosterone in the body.

These two enzymes, aromatase and alpha-reductase, are effectively blocked by the compounds. This might improve testosterone in the body in a more natural way. Although more study is needed to determine its efficacy as a testosterone booster, fenugreek is already showing immense promise. The majority of studies on the subject have demonstrated an overall increase in testosterone levels after using it and additional research is being conducted now as well. 

Tribulus Terrestris with Arginine HCL

Testosterone Boosters

Some testosterone boosters and supplements mix different natural compounds to provide the boosting effect. One popular one is tribulus terrestris with arginine HCL mixed in. Tribulus terrestris is a plant whose roots and fruit are often used medicinally. The plant has been shown to improve testosterone levels in some studies.

The plant also has a lot of positive effects on other parts of the body, including reducing glucose levels in women and increasing energy. It’s often mixed with another natural testosterone booster like L-arginine, a natural amino acid that helps build protein. Tribulus terrestris is known to increase fertility and sperm count in men, making it one of many natural supplements to ask your physician about if you’re looking into using testosterone boosters today.