When travelling as a member of the LGBT community, there are some countries which can be somewhat off limits as a result of non-progressive cultures impacting the safety of LGBT travellers.

However, as the community continues to grow, more and more countries are embracing travellers of all kinds providing a broad number of opportunities for travellers to enjoy their trip without worry.

All these travellers will have to do is ensure their renew E111 card application is accepted if traveling in Europe, all travel insurance is covered and book their flights to enjoy their winter holiday.

Here, we’re taking a look at five of the top LGBT-friendly destinations for a winter break.

Copenhagen, Denmark

While this picturesque city doesn’t boast the best temperatures in winter, the way the city transforms at Christmas-time is truly magical. With Christmas markets and lights across the city, Copenhagen really does embrace the time of year in every way possible.

LGBT travellers are more than welcome in this fairy tale kingdom and the city is even set to be the first city in the world to host WorldPride2021.

With Denmark being the first country in the world to recognise same-sex couple registered partnerships, Copenhagen is sure to be the perfect winter destination for LGBT travellers.

New Zealand

How do you fancy experiencing Christmas on the beach? Well, if you head to New Zealand, you can be certain to do just that. The country was the first to adopt the ‘gay/lesbian friendly’ label when it came to some of its hotels and businesses and this has since been adopted around the world in order to showcase unity with the LGBT community.

New Zealand also offers a broad number of home stays which also boast this label up and down the two islands, offering plenty of opportunities for LGBT travellers to enjoy a holiday in New Zealand during the winter months, without a care in the world.

New Zealand are well-known for being the most progressive country in the Pacific Islands and remain at the forefront of same-sex marriage tourism in the area.

Sitges, Spain

This small coastal town is not a well-known location amongst tourists heading to Spain, however it is beginning to make a name for itself as a result of its relaxed attitude towards the LGBT community.

This particular location hosts an eclectic calendar of LGBT-focused events and parties and is even home to the first-ever gay disco in Spain. Sitges is located just 35km south-west of Barcelona, making it an ideal location to spend a few days or even to visit on a day-trip from the city.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is well-known for its forward-thinking nature, and continues to act as a hub for veganism. More interestingly, however, is its attitude towards LGBT travellers.

Berlin boasts a truly inclusive gay history which dates all the way back to the 1920’s, helping to ensure that every fetish imaginable is catered for.

LGBT travellers are certain to fit in here! With plenty of bars and clubs which operate all night long, the party will never stop in Berlin.

Gran Canaria

If you’re looking for some warm winter sun to enjoy, while being able to relax without a care in the world, then Gran Canaria is the ideal option for you.

The LGBT scene in the country is thriving, with Maspalomas acting as a hub for LGBT travellers. Known as one of the top four LGBT friendly locations in Europe, Gran Canaria truly is the ideal option for LGBT travellers looking for some sun.

With certain locations such as Kisok No7, Yumbo Centrum and Las Terrazas de Mariana de Pineda providing a party vibe, there’s plenty to see and do for the LGBT travellers among us.