Mobile Phone Provider

The process of selecting an ideal mobile provider for your child can be tricky. Choosing the best deal for your kid involves more than just finding the cheapest deal in town. There are several factors that you need to put into consideration before settling on a particular provider.

You have to arrive at a universal solution for your expectations, your kid’s expectations and your desires for the phone use. Most kids own their first handset when transiting from primary to secondary school. However, a good number of primary school kids already own handsets.

The telecommunication needs of your child will significantly differ from those of older teens or parents. Below are some factors you should consider before selecting a mobile provider for your child and some of the best children friendly deals in the market today.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Provider

Prepaid vs. Postpaid Deals

Decide whether you want a prepaid or postpaid plan for you kid. Most parents usually opt for the prepaid plan since they limit on usage which automatically disables usage until the next recharge once the current recharge has been exceeded.

Most of the prepaid plans have unlimited calls and texts to keep the communication going. However, you may consider a postpaid plan if your child consumes a lot of data through activities such as tethering a laptop to send in their school assignment through Google drive.

You can ignore the data plan if you have a stable Broadband connection from Internet providers such as BroadBand Choices.

Location tracking

Most of the Android devices and iPhones have an inbuilt location tracking service that allows you to track a lost handset. The location tracker can double up as a safety tracker for your child. However, such services rely on data hence you will need to consider mobile provider offering a better deal on data plans.

Vital services Vs. Fun services

Most parents buy their kids mobile phones with the sole purpose of communication. They want to call land text their kids while they are away to keep an eye on their safety or logistical reasons. For the kids, it is a different story.

Most of them prefer streaming videos and staying connected on social media. Such activities tend to consume a lot of data something you have to put into consideration while selecting a mobile provider for your kid.

Lycamobile SIM Bundle

The Lycamobile SIM bundle features unlimited calls and text messages for as little as £1.50 per month. The £1.50 per month bundle excludes data bundles, and it is good for your kid if you don’t want them to spend time on the internet.

However, you can also purchase the Free FreedomPop SIM plan which offers a limited amount of minutes, texts and data for free. You get 200MB, texts and minutes each month which can be great for your kid.

EE Mobile Deals and SIM Only Deal

EE is a great mobile provider. Apart from its SIM only deals you can also get a fantastic handset through the EE mobile deals. Currently, the provider has a 2GB data plan package for £16.19 per month. If you got a handset through EE mobile deals that need a new SIM or you are looking for something for your kid, this is a good option for you.

The deal also includes 1000 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messages. This is an excellent plan for your kid since it offers excellent value for everything that you need.

3 Mobile SIM only Deal

The 3 mobile SIM only deal offers 4GB of data plus unlimited calls and text messages for £9 per month. All 3 Mobile SIM only plans allow the parent to set usage alerts for the minutes and data to make sure that your child does not overspend and end up on the regular phone bill. The deal is great for teenagers who spend most of their time browsing the internet.