Impress clear aligners

The aesthetics and health of teeth are aspects that more and more people are concerned about. That is why many people try to inform themselves through dental health articles.

Very few people have perfect teeth without orthodontics. More and more children, young people and adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct minor or serious dental problems. Nowadays, the demand for invisible orthodontics, in particular Impress clear aligners, has grown considerably, especially among adults. Adults attach more importance to aesthetics and appearance and therefore opt for more discreet treatments. Invisible aligners are not only different from other treatments in terms of aesthetics, but also have many other advantages and features, which are listed below.

Perhaps one of the best known treatments is metal braces. However, in many cases they are not aesthetically suitable, and they are not always as comfortable for our mouth as we would like them to be. This is the context in which invisible orthodontics was born, which directly attacks those most negative points of treatment with brackets fixed to your teeth.

This invisible treatment involves a collection of clear aligners that fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth, like a cover for the upper and lower part. The fact that they fit perfectly is due to the fact that experts use the technology of a high-precision 3D scanner that models the patient’s mouth. From this model, the aligners are made to fit each individual case. The aligners are changed approximately every two weeks and their function is to gradually and gradually move the teeth into the ideal position to achieve perfectly aligned teeth. Invisible aligners treat oral problems such as overbite, overcrowding, crooked or rotated teeth, open bite, crossbite…

Another great advantage of invisible aligners is that they are removable, i.e. they can be taken out to eat, wash or brush your teeth. So they are much more comfortable and hygiene is easier than with other types of treatment. Although it is important to know that, for the treatment to be fully effective, the aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours a day.

Impress clear aligners do not cause any pain, although you should bear in mind that in order for the teeth to be corrected, they must move gradually until they are correctly positioned. This movement usually causes slight discomfort that disappears completely in a couple of days. Do not be alarmed if this happens, this is very good as it means that the process is working.

The duration of treatment is variable. Each mouth is unique, so each process will be different from the others. Although this treatment normally lasts between six months and a year in adult patients, the condition of the teeth and the work needed will determine the duration of the treatment. As you will see, one of the benefits of this type of treatment is that the results are quicker than using other types of orthodontics. You will appreciate the changes in three or four months.  As long as you follow the orthodontist’s instructions and recommendations, and you are responsible.

If you are an adult patient who attaches great importance to the aesthetics of your smile, you don’t want other people to notice that you have orthodontics, you don’t want to suffer any pain during treatment and you don’t mind paying more for it, then the ideal treatment for you is clear aligners. But bear in mind that before doing so, you should get information and visit an experienced orthodontist.