fat freezing

For a lot of people dealing with body fat, fat freezing is a famous option when it comes to something easy to do that doesn’t require a surgical procedure.

So if you’re looking to destroy fat cells without going through a surgical procedure, there are some things you need to know before you opt for fat freezing below are tips that you will find helpful.

What exactly is fat freezing?

Not a lot of people know what fat freezing is and if you’re one of them I would like to have you know that fat freezing is also known as cryogenic lipolysis.

Fat freezing is exactly what it sounds like; it’s simply freezing your fat cells for a specific period in an attempt to have them reduced.

Fat freezing is simply a non-profit liposuction alternative. Fat freezing started existing when research was conducted into frostbite, and it was discovered that fat cells freeze before the skin does. How the procedure is done is that one area is targeted selectively such as the arm, the tummy or the thighs.

Is the person has other areas that he or she would like to target, it is also possible to pay attention to this extra problematic areas because fat freezing can be used on almost any part of the body?

During the fat freezing procedure, a person is required to sit up for about two hours while cooling paddles are used to suction the skin and crystallise the person’s fat cells.

The cost of fat freezing varies. Sometimes the prices could be around $750 for the thighs, and for arms, it could be about $650, but the price would depend majorly on the clinic where you choose to have your fat freezing done.

So now that we know what fat freezing is and how much it costs, well the major question you would have on your mind at this point is whether or not it actually works.

The truth is if done correctly, fat freezing can go a long way to help you lose some body fat. But as you already know, with every cosmetic treatment, the results can never be the same thing in everybody that tries it.

While it might take a few weeks for some people to notice that changes in mind take a couple of months for some other opportunities significant changes after having fat freezing done. Another question you might want to ask is if fat freezing would help you lose weight.

Well, fat does not carry as much weight as muscles do so if you have fat freezing done it will not affect your weight at all. As I have already said it will not change the numbers on the scale in any way but it will definitely get rid of those extras spilling from the top of your waistline.

It is already common knowledge that lasting improvement on your body or weight can only occur if you change your lifestyle or your nutrition and when you include a bit of exercise.

If you want your fat freezing to be a permanent thing, then you have to control your weight because if you gain weight, it is not going anywhere.

When should you begin?

The best time for you to begin your fat freezing is now however if you’re doing it for an upcoming event like maybe a wedding, or a get-together party make sure that you book a session at least three months in advance.

The truth is you will not see visible results until after four weeks because fat losses will reach its highest during the 8th week after you had your procedure done.

But, is it really safe?

So you may be worried about what the side effects will be, well the good news is that it is almost non-existent even if you experience any, it would be just redness or pink patches that will last only an hour after treatment has been done.

One of the most amazing things about using a fat freezer is that there is no actual downtime to it you can go on with all your regular activities as soon as you leave the clinic.

Another great advantage is that compared to liposuction where you can experience swelling for up to a month fat freezing does not bother you with swelling, so that’s a bonus.

Having your fat freezing at home

You don’t really have to go to the clinic to have your fat freezing done because at this point there are various products in the market that now allows you to have the procedure done at the comfort of your home.

Some of these fat freezing products make use of gel packs that can be applied to the back tummy or thighs. All that you are required to do is to freeze these gel packs and then insert them into the pockets before you wrap it around the problematic area.

The fat cells in the areas will be cooled with time and that will result in the reduction of the mass of fat. Under in the cold exposure go to disrespect your metabolism and help burn additional calories which will also help the fat loss.

This is an awesome way to avoid spending so much money in the clinic to have this procedure done it will save you both money and time, and those two are very valuable.

Fat freezing devices are usually not so expensive the prices vary and largely depends on the brand will be purchasing.

If you’re considering getting something that is on the lower side you can get a device for at least $85 which is very fair considering how much benefits will be derived from using it.

At the end of the day, the choice of having your fat frozen at home or going to the doctor’s office completely depends on you. The two choices come with plenty of advantages, and you probably will not regret any of it.

However, before you make up your mind on what method is best for you to make sure that you have all the information about the costs risks and the possible refund procedures.

What do you think about fat freezing in it is something you would like to try or something you have tried we would like to hear all about it from you.