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False Pepper: Uses and Health Benefits

Family of medicinal plant Anacardiaceae

The scientific name of this herb is Schinus molle L.The family of this herb is Anacardiaceae.The common names of this herb are: Anacahuita, Aguaribay, Molle, and False pepper.

The False pepper living in areas of broken hills, and is common in most of South America. This medicinal plant is a tree resin that can reach 8 to 10 m. height, although in optimum conditions can be measured much more.

The trunk of Schinus molle L. bark is thick with persistent.The foliage of this herb is persistent, your cup is wide, and this plant has branches hanging light green.

False pepper leaves are compound, pinnate, alternate, glabrous in the form of fern, are divided into many narrow leaflets and lanceolate smooth and bright green.

The flowers of this herb are yellowish, usually arranged in terminal panicles. This medicinal plant flowers in spring and summer.

The False pepper has shaped drupe fruits globose, reddish, meeting in panicles, with one seed in each fruit.Part of the False pepper used for medicinal purposes are the leaves, resin, and bark.

The fruits of this medicinal plant have a peppery taste, used as a condiment.Some of the medicinal properties are anti-rheumatic, vulnerary and topical disinfectant, emmenagogue, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, to treat pyorrhea against gonorrhea, antiseptic, sore throat.

The fruits of this herb contain: cyanidin-3-galactoside, cyanidin-3-rutinoside and peonidin-3-glucoside, in bark and leaves: linolenic acid, linoleic, lignoceric acid and stearic acid.

In addition, there has been in the herb’s presence: alpha-amyrin, fisetina, gallic acid, glucose and fructose. Piperine, protocatechuic acid, quercetrina, isoquercitrina, rutin, beta-sitosterol, tannins, preisocalamenediol.

This medicinal plant has essential oil containing alpha-bergamonttrans-ene, bourboneno, alpha-and delta-cadinene, alpha-and gamma-calacoreno, calameneno, camphene, car-3-ene, carvacrol, vita-caryophyllene, gamma-copaene, croweacina, gamma-cubebeno, p-cymene, D-elemene, elemol, alpha-and gamma-eudesmol, germacrene-D, geraniol butyrate, beta-guaieno, alpha-humuleno, (+)-limonene, alpha-and gamma- muuroleno, muurolol T, myrcene, nerol hexanoate, alpha-and beta-phellandrene, alpha-and beta-pinene, sabinene, alpha-terpineol, gamma terpinene, seeds of this herb contain different fatty acids.

Recipes from this herb:

Salad: use of the leaves of this medicinal plant strawberries in different salads, after carefully washing the leaves.

Infusion: Boil 20-30 gr. of fresh or dried leaves of this herb in a quart of water or one tablespoon per cup, and take 2 cups per day after meals. Suitable as a febrifuge and to facilitate digestion.

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