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Facts about Slimming Tea

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There are different kinds of products being marketed these days that promise fantastic weight loss results. There are exotic diet plans and new nutrition facts being revealed each day that keeping pace with the latest in weight loss can be a little difficult.

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Not everything is suitable to all; there can be food preferences, medical conditions and affordability that need to be considered before choosing the right one. However, one constant with weight loss is a good diet and regular exercise. With both of this taken care off, add in a few natural supplements to help cope better with the program.

Again there are different kinds of nutritional supplements and hunger suppressants that are available in the market but the natural ones are always the best. Tea with its numerous benefits is a good choice. In fact, there are specialized herbal slimming teas that are variants of the original that help people on a weight loss program a lot.

How Different Is It From Regular Tea?

Regular tea has its own set of characteristics attached to it, however the slimming varieties are a lot different from these. When consumed in the right time, the right kind of slimming teas have a tremendous effect on metabolism, thus aiding weight loss. Rich in antioxidants, these teas have been found to have superb fat absorption properties.

These herbal wonders have mild tranquilizing powers to relieve pain and boost energy levels. They do not have any side effects and these slimming teas have a distinct taste and flavor that consuming them without added sugar and milk is the best way to enjoy it. This further makes it healthier.

Different Kinds Of Slimming Teas

There are several kinds of them available as tea bags, leaves and dusts and a quick brew is all that is required to enjoy their natural goodness. The popular kinds of teas that have been researched extensively for their slimming qualities include Pu-Erh, Oolong, White tea, Bilberry tea, etc. to name a few.  When consumed at different times of the day they act differently on the body’s metabolism that are super beneficial for weight loss.

A cup of Pu-Erh in the morning has found to increase metabolism and boost energy levels. It helps cope with the stresses of the day and works fantastically until lunchtime. This variety is a mildly fermented kind that has been in use in alternative Chinese medicine for a long time.

Herbal tea like White Tea or Oolong consumed during lunchtime reduces appetite and thus reduces food intake. It also blocks fat absorption and manages glucose balance.

Herbal tea during teatime is another good way to cut off the added calories in the otherwise sweet concoction enjoyed best with snacks. Slimming tea at this time of the day reduces bloating and water retention thanks to the mildly diuretic properties of this kind of tea. It also works as a good laxative and the best way to end the day is a cup of herbal slimming tea in the night.

It completely blocks the craving to snack at night, one of the biggest spoilers of a diet plan. With so much of hydration spread out during the day, food craving is completely taken care off. Thus a healthy diet supported with regular consumption of these herbal brews is a good way to enjoy a diet plan and achieve weight loss.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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