Face Yoga

If you have heard of face yoga before now, this is the time for you to take advantage of it.

What if we made you aware that you could gain all of the slimming, face-firming, and -tightening benefits without needing to go under the knife, would you take us seriously?

It may sound too good to be true, but there new techniques that are touted by skincare brands, gyms, and spas, for the face claims that repeating specific facial exercises can boost circulation and tighten or lift the skin over time.

What is face yoga?

Face yoga is a number of moves that help to keep the face looking young and stress-free.

Is face yoga effective

Face yoga is a very useful exercise, but it is important that you are committed to the regimen. Because it is a proven fact that facial aging is in part due to muscle loss, if you are able to commit to a routine, exercise may help to strengthen those muscles.

In one study, the testers of face yoga who facially exercised for 30 mins daily over a period of two months then also engaged in it for every other day for three months, noticed an increased fullness in face and cheeks, making them look about three years younger.

It is a really great natural solution to regain your young appearance and a wonderful alternative to plastic surgery and Botox and plastic surgery.

How often do you need to practice face yoga

Ideally, every day, if you are serious about seeing good results, you should try some face yoga moves.  If you love a challenge and you can stick to a routine of 30-minute daily for at least five to six months, you could likely look a few years younger than your age.

How does face yoga work?

Face Yoga

If you choose to take facial fitness classes, you’ll learn simple steps to help you wake up your sleeping facial muscle to improve tone.

The fact is that  80% of your facial muscles lay dormant, and it is good to relax your facial muscles, especially those that are overworked as they cause wrinkles.

To smooth out wrinkles and make saggy spots firm up, you can try the face yoga exercises below.


How to do the face warm-up exercise: begin your “workout circuit” by blowing out air as if you had small seeds or berries in your mouth. This means that you do not have to blow out with only your lips, but with your cheeks as well. The bigger the vibration, the better it is for relaxing facial muscles. The lip muscles are an important muscle for the face. When you relax these muscles, other muscles will also be relaxed.

How often should you do it: Do it at least once and as many as three times a day, or whenever you feel like you are stressed.

Slim Your “Tech Neck” Double Chin

How do you do this exercise? Make sure that you keep your shoulders down and fully relaxed, then tip your chin up towards the ceiling until you feel like there is a good stretch in the upper part of your neck and chin area. Then, you have to alternate, making duck lips and also to stick out your tongue. Do well to hold each “pose” for not less than 5 seconds each. Do well to repeat this three times.

Make sure that you keep your chin extended and also keep your neck taut the entire time. Note that this should feel very strenuous as it is most effective when you get tired.

How often you should do it: 1-2 times every day

Smooth Smile Lines

How you should do the exercise: First of all, ensure that you do not stop laughing or smiling! Note that If you do not smile, you will not develop cheek muscle.

Starting up by your nose, the lines tend to be deepest. You will have to stick your tongue inside your mouth and then make a tiny circle directly on the labial line. You should do five circles of this clockwise and anti-clockwise on each side of your mouth to smooth smile lines.

How often should you do it: Once a day is enough

Firm Up Saggy Cheeks

How you should do the exercise: We all agree that the bulldog face is super cute for bulldogs, but it is not cute for us humans. To get rid of the saggy cheeks, you have to pull everything to the side. Imagine that your right teeth have been pulled to the left side of your mouth, making your face appear like a sideways kissy-face. Do well to hold that face for as long as 10 seconds for a very effective exercise that both trains and stretches.

How often should you do it? 3-5 times a day is recommended for best results

Fight Eye Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet

How you should do the exercise: Keep your shoulders back and leave them relaxed, then point your chin down towards your chest and form an oval with your mouth. At the same time, ensure that you look upward with just your eyes. Try not to move your shoulders or head; you will feel some form of stretching underneath the eye.

Hold this for three seconds, and then do well to tuck your upper lip inside your mouth to create an “ahh” face. This circuit has to give you a deep stretch in your face so that the wrinkles don’t stay.

How often should you do it: do it only once a day, and no more.