Thicker Eyebrows

When we wake up in the morning and we go look in the mirror, we will often times look everywhere besides our eyes. It might be our hair. For many it will be their weight. A few will take a look at their skin to make sure there’s no acne or dryness.

The one area that can oftentimes be neglected is the eyes. Our eye health is very easy to neglect. It’s time we take our eyes serious.

Why We Should Care

We use our eyes for everything. In our relationships, in our work, in our hobbies, and even when we eat. When we sleep is the only time we don’t use our eyes. Understanding why maintaining great eye health is so important is often a matter of knowing what will happen if eye health is neglected. Vision problems and difficulties can quickly progress if they are left unchecked.

Optometrists are the lowest paid Doctors because eyes are neglected and people don’t invest much into their eyes. The best method of retaining great eye health is preventing problems from developing in the first place.

People who have a genetic family history of eye problems like glaucoma must be even more proactive about maintaining good eye health. Bad eye health is sneaky and can sneak up on you. Preventative measures can be taken to ward off the development of damaging conditions.

Vision loss can often be corrected with lenses or contacts, but degenerative diseases that are not kept in check typically lead to significant vision loss or even blindness.

While you are working on keeping your weight in check and making sure that your skin is protected from harmful UV rays, be sure to take the time to add tasks focused on eye health to your daily routine. Maintaining a high quality of life well into your oldest years may depend on it.

Don’t Abuse the Sun

The sun is not bad for your eyes, actually it’s great for your eyes. Until a certain point. Being out in the sun for 15 min to an hour is great for eye health. When you’re in the sun the whole day the excessive sunlight can burn your eyes leaving you with cataracts.

For all day events you need to go with sunglasses. The problem is most sunglasses don’t block all of those bad UV rays. This is why people who even wear sunglasses still end up having eye problems. There are brands that make 100% UV protection sunglasses. TR90 glasses work real well, Transitions offers great lenses for glasses that focus on blocking out the bad UV rays.

Eat the Best Vegetables

Vegetables have antioxidants. Antioxidants serve as the protecting force that helps protect cells. Cells that are protected don’t break down as quick, they literally live and thrive longer. Cells make up your organs. Your eyes are your organs. This is why you need more vegetables.

Carotenoids specifically protect the eyes. This is why they always tell you to eat your carrots. Other foods like goji berries and even raw chocolate has great quantities of vitamin A carotenoids. Go big with your eye health and have carotenoid focused veggies daily.

Be Careful of Digital Screens

Digital technology is now everywhere. It’s a great thing. It can be used for bad. Too much screen time can hurt your eyes. It’s one thing we have to be careful of in our digital world. Do you best to use moderation with your screen use with digital devices.