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Express your Individuality on your Wedding day

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The day you become a bride is the most important day of your life. Some girls plan and dream about this day since the childhood. So in order to make your special day extra special you should choose the bridal gown perfect for you.

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A perfect wedding gown should be comfortable, express your individuality and within your budget.

One common mistake quite a lot of brides do is they try to look like their favourite celebrity. There is  a high chance this plan to go horribly wrong. We all have a unique look and body shape.

It is highly likely that you and your favourite celebrity do not have the same body shape or the facial structure.  Even though some fashion magazines try  to tell us that being matchstick thin is only beautiful, regardless of the body shape we all are beautiful.

So you must embrace how you look and choose the bridal dress which fits you well. Also the dress should express your individuality.

You do not have to stick to the same traditional colours. If you think you look better in a different colour other than white, you can try that colour. Do not let the traditional thinking stand in your way.

Remember! , It is your day and you can do as you like. Do a lot of wedding window shopping and find out what fashions are trending and if they are suitable for you. Having someone with a good sense of tasteful fashion joining your wedding window shopping also can be really handy to get a second opinion.

In addition having your friends and family around for the wedding window shopping is quite fun too. And your loved ones will be delighted to help you to look your best  at your wedding.

You will be meeting many friends and family members of your groom for the first time on the wedding day. And this is a great opportunity to give a stunning first impression for all of them at once.

While you have to give a good impression for the family and friends to whom you are going be a part of their lives in the future, you have to make sure that your bridal dress is comfortable for you. Most bridal gowns are decorated with lace and sequins.

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But some cannot stand the lace as it makes their skin itchy making them feel uncomfortable.

So when you try the bridal dress, walk around, sit, stand and see how you feel about it. At least keep it on for 5 minutes and see how you feel.  It will be difficult to put a  smile on your face while you walk on the isle if you feel itchy and scratchy. Everybody wants to see a happy smiley bride.

Does your budget fit the wedding dress of your choice? This is another important factor you have to remember. While the wedding dress plays an important role of the wedding shopping list, it should not break your purse.

Or else you will be short of financial means to spend on the venue, catering and the wedding reception. The wedding dresses are made with various types of budgets focused. So it is not difficult to find the perfect wedding gown that fits your budget.

These tips will help you to enrich your fairy-tale wedding day with the perfect wedding dress which express who you are while you are comfortable wearing it.

Wedding Day
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Wedding Day
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