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Inarguably, there are just these ‘first times’ for everything. And these moments are without a doubt exciting and scary at the same time. Major life events that happen to us are no different.

I still remember the ‘first time’ I went to school and made new friends, it was nerve-racking for a child to go through but it was also one of the best memories I have had. Or the ‘first time’ I had a crush on someone which was like a roller coaster ride of emotions.

However, I think nothing beats that time when you first learned that you were pregnant and that you were about to become a parent. The thought of caring and raising another human being goes beyond anything, anyone can handle.

Knowing that a helpless child is going to depend on you for food, warmth, and love is an enormous responsibility. However, despite all that, the pressure and the stress of a ‘first time’ mom is nothing when you’ve come to realize how great it is to become a mom and experience things that you have never done or felt before.

First time pregnancy and motherhood will definitely create million questions in your mind — and that is perfectly normal. Being pregnant for the first time is not something someone can deal with overnight. It will take a lot a patience, self-trust and self-love and most of all the loving and understanding of your spouse.

So as a gift for all the first time moms out there, I have come up with some useful tips that you can use in order to survive this new journey that you will soon be embarking on.

Pregnancy and Things, You Need to Know About It

Pregnancy, otherwise known as gestation is the period wherein an offspring is developed inside a woman’s womb after sexual intercourse. Normally, pregnancy will last about 40 weeks after which childbirth will occur. Women can have a single embryo or offspring or there can also be multiple pregnancies such as with having twins.

The period of pregnancy is divided into trimesters. Week 1 to 12 is termed as the first trimester where conception occurs. Mothers need to be extra careful as there is a high risk of miscarriage during this period.

Second trimester runs from week 13 to 28. At this time, the fetus may be felt and at around 28 weeks, there is over a 90% chance that the fetus can survive outside the womb, but of course with utmost medical attention.

Lastly, week 29 to 40 is the third trimester where the fetus will continue to grow and develop to be ready for childbirth. During this period, it is important that mothers undergo prenatal care. This includes regular doctor’s checkups, avoiding drugs and alcohol, having regular exercise and taking folic acid.

Useful Pregnancy Tips for First Time Moms

You may have already read the basic information about pregnancy but it is actually different when you experience it firsthand. And to help you deal with it, I have outlined some tips that you can use during your pregnancy.

Eat Right

Pregnancy can make many changes both outside and inside your body. It’s important that you keep a balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy. You need to avoid complications such as gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and anemia to be able to stay healthy and deliver your baby safely.

Your meals may consist of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Taking prenatal vitamins is also recommended to make sure you have all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. It is advisable to avoid foods that can have infection-induced ramifications like raw seafood.

It always best to consult to your doctor or a nutritionist for them to recommend the perfect, balanced meal for you.

Staying Fit

Before you go ahead and try different exercise routines while pregnant, it is best to talk to your doctor first. Depending on the status of your pregnancy, you may be allowed by your doctor to do regular exercise.

Some of the simple exercises or activities you can opt for are walking, jogging, swimming or a little bit of aerobics. While others go for activities that favor both the mind and body such as yoga.

Find The Doctor That Suits You Best

Going through pregnancy for the first time can be a little overwhelming. In this regard, you need to find a doctor or healthcare professional that can properly guide you and answer your questions with all honesty.

It is best to find a doctor that can explains everything to you based on your level of understanding. Depending on which best suits you, you have to be comfortable with your doctor. This will allow you to freely open up to him/her when it comes to your experiences during pregnancy.

Avoid Reading Unnecessary Information That Can Stress You Out

It can be stressful enough to go through pregnancy the first time. With all the changes happening to your body that you don’t understand, you are tempted to search for answers without any professional guidance.

This can lead to incorrect assumptions and speculations that can cause unnecessary worry and anxiety on your part. Putting yourself through this situation won’t be good for both you and your baby.

Other forms of stress can also catapult your body and your mind during this phase of your life. May it be coming from a predisposed condition or entirely psychological, it is always best to find ways to relieve these stressors as much as possible.

Ultimately, always keep in mind to seek a healthcare professional’s advice when you have questions or any issues during your pregnancy.

Find Your Support Team

Pregnancy can make you go through all sorts of emotions. There will be times when you feel nobody understands what it is you are going through because of the changes that are happening to you.

Having an amazing support system during pregnancy is important. Your husband, family, friends and even your doctor should always be there to support and care for your during your pregnancy.

Meeting new moms like yourself or experienced moms is also another option of a support system. You can be comfortable with the group of people that you can share similar stories with. You can even ask for advice from them if you’re having a difficult time during your pregnancy.

During this time, it is not only best that you are physically healthy but emotionally healthy as well. A happy pregnancy is always best for the mom and baby.

Final Thoughts

Going through something big as pregnancy for the first time can be very difficult. But having the knowledge on how to deal with it can make it easier. Not to mention, having all the love and support you need from the significant people around you.

You can get through anything as long as you have these things that you can hold on to. And most importantly, the hope for that moment when you will finally meet the person that you have loved from the very beginning when he or she existed inside of you.

Are you excited with your journey to pregnancy and motherhood? Did you find this article helpful in giving you tips during your pregnancy? If you have other ideas or suggestions, you can leave a comment below. Until then, we hope that you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and childbirth!

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