Evvy Review

Evvy is on a mission to radically reinvent how we understand and treat the female body, starting with the vaginal microbiome. The company’s Vaginal Health Test, an at-home vaginal microbiome test, has already helped thousands of women understand what’s up down there, why it matters, and what they can do about it. 

But that’s not all — Evvy is also reaching millions of people on TikTok, where several of their videos have gone viral. 

Evvy’s top TikTok has garnered nearly 8 million views, and discusses yeast infections and how easily they can be mistaken for bacterial vaginosis (BV). The sophisticated health company is proud of the community it has built across social media platforms, and aims to inspire women and people with vaginas to engage in more meaningful conversations about their intimate health. Vogue has also highlighted the bold brand as a driving force in the movement to destigmatize vaginal health.

Evvy’s co-founders, Priyanka Jain and Laine Bruzek, want everyone with a vagina to realize that they’re the expert on their own bodies, and that they deserve more from the healthcare system than unanswered questions and ineffective medications.

Bruzek herself appears in an inspiring TikTok video where she reveals how she had recurrent infections for almost a decade in college. After a doctor offered her anti-anxiety meds, Bruzek felt enough was enough and set out on a radical mission to launch Evvy’s vaginal microbiome test with Jain to replace excuses with actual answers. 

The comments from other TikTok users exploded with agreement, declaring, “I have the same thing,” “This is amazing,” and “My daughter’s going through this.”

Viral Videos Spark Deeper Conversations About Women’s Health

TikTok star and influencer Danielle Stokes, who is known as Roxanne Ramsey on social media, suffered for years with recurring vaginal itching and odor and was repeatedly misdiagnosed. Stokes revealed to Buzzfeed how relieved she was to finally find a doctor to correctly assess her symptoms and discover she had bacterial vaginosis. On her TikTok, she also said an Evvy test was crucial in helping her understand her vaginal microbiome and take control of her health. 

Stokes has over 9.2 million likes on her TikTok account. On it, she candidly reveals how she was labeled a hypochondriac and incorrectly told by health care professionals that her symptoms were the result of using the wrong laundry detergent. There were also doctor’s visits where she admits she was never even examined and simply dismissed without proper treatment. It took four years for her to finally get relief and an answer to what was happening inside her body. Stokes continues to take to TikTok to share her health issues and to let other women know they’re not alone.

In several of her TikToks, Stokes reveals that Evvy’s Vaginal Health Test helped her discover her vaginal microbiome and the role that it might be playing in her recurrent symptoms. She also did an educational TikTok Live with Jain, where they connected about everything from recurrent infections to the science behind the Evvy test to women being dismissed in the healthcare system.  

A Duke University study reports that one in five women say a healthcare provider has dismissed or ignored their symptoms. Jain pointed out that female patients will often be told they’re just stressed or bombarded with redundant, fruitless questions such as “Are you drinking enough water?” 

This is one of the biggest reasons Evvy’s co-founders, along with Stokes, feel at-home vaginal microbiome testing and destigmatizing vaginal health are more important than ever.

Evvy’s Experts Weigh In on Why Vaginal Microbiome Testing Matters

Evvy is built in collaboration with board-certified doctors from Harvard, UCSF, Cleveland Clinic, and more who want to introduce those with vaginas to a new frontier in at-home testing and make a significant stride in closing the gender health gap.

Evvy’s team of researchers emphasizes how the company’s at-home Vaginal Health Test can be a comprehensive and powerful tool in a provider’s toolkit.

The test reveals all bacteria and fungi present in the vaginal microbiome and gives users personalized reports in addition to access to certified health coaches. Users have the ability to track and share lifestyle changes that could be affecting their vaginal health.

“Evvy is promoting proactive and preventative care for the vaginal microbiome,” said Dr. Craig Cohen, one of several OB-GYN’s involved with Evvy. “With Evvy, we can proactively follow up with patients remotely to see if and how potential treatments and suggestions impacted the vaginal microbiome.”

Evvy’s advisory board of doctors and researchers is also excited about the company’s initiatives to promote patient education, which allows individuals to take a more proactive approach to their own healthcare. 

Through Evvy, Jain and Bruzek, who are Stanford alumnae, aim to provide women and people with vaginas with comprehensive, scientifically-backed information about what’s going on in their bodies. The duo is also committed to destigmatizing and prioritizing vaginal health, which, according to Jain and Bruzek, has been overlooked for far too long.