Grain Neutral Spirit

There are a lot of things where alcohol is being used for. We use it for example for multiple kinds of consumption, but it is also being processed in cleaning products. When you use alcohol for consumption, it always should be diluted. Drinking pure alcohol can cause death. This is definitely not recommended. There are more kinds of alcohol. One of them is Grain Neutral Spirit. What do you need to know about this?

Where do you use Grain Neutral Spirit for?

The Grain Neutral Spirit is often being used for different kinds of beverages. Most often you see it in the production of Gin, London dry Gin and Sloe Gin. The thing that characterizes this kind of drink is that it has no smell and taste. Because of this, the flavors of the main product remain intact. It keeps its full and botanical taste. The alcohol doesn’t overshadow the spices. Because of this feature, the Grain Neutral Spirit is eminently suitable to use in different kinds of beverages. This kind of alcohol is produced from the fermentation of grains. In this process, the alcohol arises. 


As appointed above, this kind of alcohol doesn’t have any taste or flavor. Because of this, this keeps the intended taste of the main product intact. It doesn’t get overshadowed by the alcohol. Sometimes alcohol can have a very explicit taste. This one does not. The yield of the final product can therefore be increased up to three times. As mentioned before, this kind of alcohol is not only being used and processed in spirits. There are a lot of other industries where you can find this kind of alcohol. Examples are foods, the pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics. 

Alcohol in cosmetics?

The processing of alcohol has many advantages. Alcohol has some features which are very beneficial. For example, it kills bacteria. Because of that, the product is not about to expire that fast. In addition, it prevents foaming, the product is diluted and it has a degreasing effect. Because of this, it makes you feel clean. Alcohol is mainly being used in cleaning products for the skin or in make-up removers. The product which also often contains alcohol, is sunscreen. This article shows that alcohol is a useful and eagerly used product in a variety of industries, especially the Grain Neutral Spirit.