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Estimating Penis Size Through Shoes or Butt Size: Fact or Misconception?

It’s a well-known myth that you can tell the overall size of a man’s penis through the size of his hands or shoes. Are these clues as to what’s popping underneath a man’s boxer briefs?

While these myths about penis size have generated a whole lot of ridiculous double entendres, study shows that you can’t predict penis size through other body dimensions.

Debunking this penis size prediction myths

Countless researches have been carried out to examine the possible correlation between penis size and build, height, race and the size of a man’s hands, feet, and even butt.

A review of studies published in 2015 discovered only inconsistent or weak relationships with any other body dimensions. Though you may have seen really catchy headlines from some of the reviewed studies, they don’t hold water when scrutinized scientifically.

If you’re one of the people poring over a man’s butt size or walking shoes in order to predict his capabilities between the sheets, you can cut it out.

You won’t get the slightest idea as to what’s going on down there until the clothes come off. In the meantime, just concentrate on what you can see.

Does penis size matter?

But even if you could predict a man’s penis size from his hands or feet, does it really matter? Fortunately, when it comes to sexual satisfaction, size doesn’t count.

Surveys carried out throughout the years have shown that women believe that penises above the average size could be discomforting, and that girth is more important than length.

In many other studies, the small, average or large penis size doesn’t even register on a woman’s radar. This is because sexual satisfaction goes way beyond just sexual intercourse.

Not to say that penis size doesn’t play a role in sexual pleasure. A larger penis (either in length or girth) may make a lady feel she’s been stimulated deeper inside her vagina or make her feel “fuller.”

Also, a larger penis may rub against the clits during penetration, increasing the chances of a woman to reach orgasm. But there are other means to achieve these sensations.

Measuring Penis Size

To know how your penis compares to the average size, you may need to you may want to know its size first. The first thing to do is measuring your penis.

It might be embarrassing doing so, but remember that you’re not in the least minority nor are you alone. Knowing the size of your erect penis can help you choose the right condom fit.

To measure your penis length, place a ruler or measurement tape at the very base of your penis till it touches your pubic bone (especially if you have an extra tissue – the doctor’s word for fat) as any length hidden by this layer still qualifies as part of the length. Mark the point where the penis tip ends on the tape or ruler.

Knowing the width of your penis requires two steps. First, use a string or measuring tape to wrap around the fullest part of your penis and mark the point where the string or tape connects. Take the marked string and measure with a ruler.

Note that the width can change depending on the degree of arousal so it’s best you take several measurements and take an average. Write down the circumference of your penis (the measure all the way around), and divide it by 3.14. The resulting number is your width.

Penis size over time

With countless commercials going on about erectile dysfunction, you may begin to wonder if penis size may change over time just as sexual responses.

It is true that over time, penis size may shrink, but concerning the section above connecting sexual function to penis size, it’s probably not a cause for concern.

In fact, the intimacy that most women value way more than a few millimeters of penis often increases considerably more than a penis shrinks.

Penis enlargement

You’re probably the exemption if you’ve never gotten an email concerning penis enlargement. These unsolicited emails are most likely to be scams and even spread computer viruses.

It is better to legitimately research penis enlargement procedures and treatments. Also, discuss it with your doctor before attempting any.

This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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