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Enjoy Your Summer for Less Money


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Are you planning for some family time this summer that will not empty your wallet?


There are numerous activities, some may be a no-brainer, but still most people do not think of them first when planning a fun day.

A day away from home or spent outdoors is always a good time, especially when spent together. Here are a few ideas to take your family out for a day of fun this summer.

Picnic at the park/beach

Grab a blanket, sun block, a basket of food and towels (beach) and head out to your local park or beach, depending on your mood.

Most parks and beaches have extras such as barbeque grills or fishing holes and you can usually find out more by going to their website. If you have sports equipments lying around, bring it.

You never know if anyone is up for a game of volleyball or basketball, which some parks have the nets and courts at no extra cost.

Whatever the day calls for, bring it. If you just want to go with the bare necessities, you all will still have an enjoyable time for free or super cheap!

Camping in your backyard

I know this sounds silly but it is quite fun, actually. You will still get the feel of being outdoors and children love it for the adventure of sleeping under the stars!

You can have a campfire (if permissible); roast marshmallows, even sing campfire songs or tell ghost stories after dark. All you need is a tent to sleep in and blankets, flashlights and your imagination.

Amusement parks

These places can be a bit pricey but usually a good time. Be sure to do some research on how you can make this day more affordable. Go to their websites and see if they offer discounts for joining their mailing lists or have special dates at a cheaper rate.


You can pack your own meals and drinks and just leave them in a cooler in the car and go back when you are hungry. This will save on the expense of having to purchase food inside the park.

Free things to do

One thing I have found to be helpful is searching “free things to do in (your area)” on the web. I have found several activities in my area that I had no idea were going on at the time.

They usually have free museum days and other big events such as concerts in the park or things that usually cost a fortune that are free or at a discounted rate for a specific date.

I hope that this was helpful for you. Know this, no matter where you choose to take your family for a day of fun; they will be happy for the chance to spend time with you. Have a joyous summer season!

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