If you enter a gym anywhere in the world, then two machines which you are most likely to see are a treadmill and elliptical machines. These are two of the most popular fitness equipments in the world and are also the most effective ones. A treadmill is one which allows you to walk or run, thus improving cardiovascular health and losing calories, an elliptical is a cross trainer that offers an upper and lower body workout.

But there is often a comparison between the two since they offer many similar benefits and results.  When it comes to meeting more objectives or being more versatile, choosing one from these both becomes very difficult. However, we have made to point by point comparison between treadmills and elliptical which will surely make the choice easier for you:

  • A treadmill is a cardiovascular machine which leads you to propelling your body and then burning calories at a much higher rate. This is why, this machine helps you to lose weight and meet your weight objectives. On the other hand, an elliptical too helps you burn a lot of calories but the required hardwork to lose this weight may be less in the case of an elliptical machine like a Bowflex Max.
  • A treadmill is one machine which really helps you build a lot of strength. Since this machine requires you to walk or run, it strengthens your muscles and your bones.  It thus also improves your cardiovascular health and helps you prevent osteoporosis as well. An elliptical trainer machine however enables you to target your entire body since it has handles which also let you exercise your arms. It thus offers both an upper body workout and lower body workout.
  • When it comes to different modes, adjustments and flexibility of use, then it won’t be wrong to say that a treadmill proves better. A treadmill enables you to adjust not only your speed but also your incline. You can use it for walking, running, jogging and even brisk walking. On the other hand, an elliptical does not offer as much flexibility and adjustments. Though it allows for reverse strides which is one feature that is not supported by a treadmill. Most elliptical do not have the adjustable incline feature.

When it comes to burning calories and losing weight, then there is no comparison between the two machines since both let you burn the same amount of calories in a given period of time. But if you only wish to know which one is more versatile, then the above given points suggest that a treadmill is the answer. It is more flexible to use, more customizable and most of them such as the NordicTrack Treadmill offer many adjustments.

An elliptical machine definitely allows you to target both your upper and lower body simultaneously but it still isn’t as versatile as a treadmill. But making a choice between the two also depends upon your personal choice, preference, budget and exact purpose of workout.