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Electronic Cigarettes (You’ve come a long way Baby)

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When I was a kid I can remember going down to the local market and buying those gum packs that were shaped like a package of cigarettes.

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Each package contained something like ten sticks of bubble gum individually wrapped in paper made to look like a cigarette.

What’s worse was that if you put one end in your mouth and gently blew outward, it blew our powdered sugar so fine it looked a bit like cigarette smoke.

I was hooked and it’s a wonder I didn’t eventually graduate to real cigarettes as I got older. I can remember feeling excited, grown up, as I puffed away on those little ‘cigarettes’ before giving in and chewing them like gum. Can you imagine what would happen if a store tried to sell those things now days?

The Lure of E-Cigarettes

While I never became a regular smoker, I did smoke on three occasions in response to extreme stress. On the first two occasions I smoked roughly a pack to a pack and a half a day for about 6 months and quite cold turkey after getting bored with it.

However, the last time I found it very difficult to give up smoking. I tried without success to wean myself off and finally I decided to give electronic cigarettes a go. I have to admit, I was very skeptical.

I responded to an internet ad which offered a startup kit and cigarettes for roughly a month supply and for a nominal price of $29.95 if I remember right. Several years ago there were only a few brands and they could only be found online or some upscale shopping centers.

Today there are a number of companies offering electronic cigarettes and you can even get them at your local 7-Eleven stores.

My Experience

I think e-cigarettes have evolved a lot over the years since they were first introduced to the US. If I was quitting smoking today I would probably enjoy E-cigarettes even more.

The brand I tried had a minty taste, albeit a very mild one and you had to suck harder to get enough smoke. With a traditional cigarette you can inhale more naturally, whereas I had to use a little effort to get the same effect from my electronic one.

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It was a little off putting at first but I got used to it and enjoyed the experience. Probably the only reason at the time that I quit smoking them was the cost which was a bit over $100 a month. I realize that is still cheaper than cigarettes if you smoke much over a half pack a day.

Popular Brands

There are so many brands and flavors to choose from now, just like your traditional cigarettes. Here are 5 popular brands.

Green Smoke:

Known for its intense flavor burst and quantity of vapor. This appears to be one of the more popular brands with a lot of returning customers.

V2 Cigs:

V2’s are known not only for its flavor but even more for its easy drag and for me that’s nearly as important as the flavor. I’d rather sacrifice flavor for ease of inhaling.

South Beach Smoke:

Probably the oldest brand, and boasts future costs of equivalent to $1.41 a pack. That may not work for everyone.

According to the brand I tried, for the amount of smoking I did, I should only use 1 cartridge a day but I found that I needed at least 2 a day. I have heard others with the same complaints about their brands as well.

Ever Smoke:

Good battery life and a on the go charger. They have a lot of vapor but average flavor intensity with a very smooth drag.

Premium Electronic Cigarettes:

One of the few brands offering EGO batteries which give you massive vapor and a long lasting charge of up to 800 puffs before you have to recharge.

Coolness Restored

With the proliferation of so many different brands, styles, and flavors of electronic cigarettes, they have become massively popular. At one time these e-cigarettes were marketed as a tool to help smokers of regular cigarettes to reduce the amount they smoke or to help them quit altogether.

Electronic cigarettes are now marketed to those who do not smoke traditional cigarettes but are looking for something sophisticated and socially acceptable whereas regular cigarettes have rapidly become unacceptable to most of the world now.

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People can enjoy smoking without the negative stigma that comes with smoking regular cigarettes. Smokers of electronic cigarettes get that relaxing hit of nicotine without all the other harmful ingredients found in other cigarettes.

Since e-cigarettes are still very new there is no data regarding possible harmful effects from smoking these cigarettes over a longer period of time.

Author Bio:

Lindsay is an anti-smoking advocate and the senior editor for EcigaretteReviewed.com, the largest e cigarette review and information website.

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