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Electronic Cigarette Has Not Changed Life But Saved My Life


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At the age of 12 I was into smoking, you won’t believe me, but I have got into this habit to attract girls. Tobacco advertisement wasn’t frowned upon like as of now, it was everywhere; actually it was absolutely confidently motivated! I still remember that day once my mom seemed to be stressed and the doctor advised her to have a cigarette to calm her anxious feelings!


However, I started to smoke at the age of 12 with other chums’ behind the school campus. Soon it became quite crucial to me. In a whole day I used to roll 5 paper rounds, two in the morning and three at the night.

In those days, around 1964 when I finished my school I started to smoke a new brand on the market called no.6. Most my life nearly 60 years I smoke around 30 a day. Yes, I accept I was a heavy smoker but, I do not know I loved it very much.

An attempt to quit

About 10 to 12 years ago, I decided to stop this habit. I have also attended a smoking cessation NHS program. They suggested me to make use of smoking patch gum. I respectably, follow their advice for the 6 consecutive weeks.

It was really costly, but as I have decided that I won’t smoke anymore so followed their advice. But do not why I was craving for cigarettes even more. At last, I ultimately gave up those patches and started to smoke again.  After a month I received a certificate from the NHS to congratulate on being a non smoker and I should so proud of myself. (Stupid)

A couple of days later, I have gone for a walk in the morning and suddenly got an awful rigidity in my chest. For a couple of minutes I sat on a wall and it subsided in some time I felt good again. I didn’t talk about this thing to my wife and went off to work. This happened again at the office and again, I didn’t mention anything to anyone.

Heart attack on Christmas day

On the Christmas Eve the same worst situation happened again. On the day I had a bit much drink and went to bed around 3 am.  Around 6 am, I awaken by a bladder and that was a cracking point. My legs swung out of the bed and got a severe pain in my chest like Mike Tyson has hit me in the chest. Then I had to tell my family members.

I experienced like somebody seemed to be pumping my left arm, I seemed to be struggling to breath and it was like there were 1000 of kegs weights on my chest. Quickie my wife dialed 999. They have taken me to the hospital and I was in operation theater with two stents and unsurprisingly it was moments from dying. However, the operation was absolutely successful.


I went through the earlier route again. Again, I tried for patches. But same as earlier it didn’t work.

Then one of my family members suggested me an inhalator. I thought it would be far better than those awful gums, but this idea even didn’t work. After suffering ninety days of absolute hell, I discovered another alternative an electric cigarette. I purchased disposable electronic cigarette. Only in the first few puffs I quite liked it. The most important things is it’s been now three years, not for the once I have craved for tobacco cigarette.


Surprising, I found another interesting thing it wasn’t any more coughing in the morning. Again, I recovered taste sense. By the time I found capacity of the lungs has increased and improved.

So, YES definitely yes, to electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette has not only changed my life but also save my life.

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