Teeth Whitening

The teeth are naturally milky white, pale grey, or slightly yellow in color. However, as you age, that color can get dark or yellow even more with time.

This is due to the food you eat, as well as lifestyle choices such as, smoking, chewing tobacco, not brushing and flossing well, etc. Besides, the wear and tear of the teeth’s enamel due to daily use can change a translucent to teeth to dark or yellowish color.

There are different reasons why people get teeth whitening procedures. It is all around you. You look on Instagram, Facebook, movies, ads, magazines, and the likes, you see people flash their pearly white-teethed smiles.

But is pop culture the main reason why people get their teeth whitened? No! The main aim is to feel good about one’s self, to feel attractive. Feeling good about yourself births self-confidence.

Asides that, there are other excellent benefits of teeth whitening. Below are 8 reasons why you should consider getting teeth whitening procedure. And of course, 4 other bonus points on the all-you-need-to-know of teeth whitening.

1. It Enhances Your Appearance

The videos and pictures we see all over today says a lot. Frequently, we see a video ad showcasing a lady smiling and looking away/towards the camera. You might not be really interested in the ad, but the lovely smile of the girl must have captivated you a little. Thanks to the beautiful appearance, you have viewed an ad you didn’t plan to.

That really is just how it works. When you get your teeth whitened, your appearance projection steps up significantly. When you smile, it feels like the whole world smiles along with you because your teeth are white and attractive. Those who whitened their teeth often claim that they feel much more attractive than before.

This effect often affects all other areas of their lives as well. The person with the newly whitened teeth would feel a boost of self-confidence and self-love. Besides, an improved look can also have positive impacts on relationships, romance, career, among others.

Everyone loves seeing pearly white teeth, but not everyone has them. Thanks to technology and advancements in oral care, there are several whitening products you can use to improve your looks.

However, you should always get teeth whitening products from a trusted brand like Crest Whitening Strips to whiten your teeth and enhance your appearance. Trademark your smile with white teeth; you’d be glad you did.

2. It Would Boost Your Confidence

Do you wonder what it would feel like to smile without a care for the world? That is the sound of self-confidence. With white teeth, you would be at ease to flex and display your white, pearly set of teeth.

Dirty-looking teeth tend to make the carrier feel uncomfortable and unconfident. Just like crooked teeth and teeth with malocclusion, colored teeth can significantly affect how a person feel about themselves. Such individuals might get intense bouts of inferiority complex and anti-social disorder.

Individuals who feel insecure about their smiles tend to avoid talking to people, preferring to stay hidden, alone or with a few numbers of friends.

Most times, those friends are usually with similar issues. They are also probably dealing with unattractiveness, lack of self-confidence, self-love, and the likes.

Imagine walking up to a potential partner and flashing pearly whites; you have already made some good impression just by doing and it might just be what you need to make headways in that relationship.

A person with stained teeth and an ugly smile would not be that confident. White teeth are partial indicators that you take good care of your appearance. This is a desirable factor for potential love interests. Also, this is partly why confident and good-looking people tend to get partners easily.

3. It Minimizes the Appearance of Facial Issues

Do you feel overly aware of your facial wrinkles, acne, and acne scar, frown lines, etc.? Do you think it is unavoidably noticeable?

White teeth can be your key to making less noticeable. And no, teeth whitening procedures will not clear the facial issues, but you have facial creams to take care of that.

Notwithstanding the use of facial creams and the likes, it can be hard to get rid of these facial conditions. That is where white teeth come into the picture.

White teeth are highly noticeable; they are the most highlighted feature of the face. This means that teeth whitening procedures will draw focus away from your facial issues.

Instead, your pearly whites and your captivating smile would be the primary focus. If you have been losing confidence due to aging problems like facial wrinkles and other facial problems, teeth whitening procedure can help you regain your confidence.

Putting the focus on your new pearly whites will minimize other issues that make you feel so self-conscious.

4. You Would Look Friendlier and More Approachable

This point is somewhat attached to self-confidence. When you are self-confident, you project an ambiance that attracts people. It is only natural that everyone would want to get closer to an individual that seems confident about themselves. Normally, why would you want to approach a person that appears fidgety and nervous?

The fidget and nervous look might be enough to put you off. Even if you wanted to ask such person a question, you might decide not to because the person’s aura is unwelcoming. But then, it might not be the person’s fault. If that individual has stained teeth and a gummy smile, it might be hard for the person to relate well socially.

Imagine having a good laugh with your friends on a beach, then someone comes over to compliment your smile, would you not feel good? Would you not smile and talk freely with the person? This would all be thanks to your newly enhanced teeth.

On the other hand, you might not feel that self-confident with colored and rotten teeth. Even if you try to hold up the conversation, the person might be put off by your teeth’ look.

More so, even you don’t have colored teeth, you might feel repulsed trying to talk to someone with unsightly teeth. You are not shallow; it is the reasonable logic of attractiveness. Having pearly white teeth would make it easier for you to make friends and vice versa.

5. You Would Thrive Professionally

Again, this has to do with confidence. When you get teeth whitening procedure, you get the assurance that enables you to thrive professionally. Knowing that your teeth are not looking yellow and unsightly, you can easily smile at people without any inhibitions.

This can be helpful during milestones like college and job interviews, presentations where you need to appear confident. Projecting a wide, flawless smile while answering questions can give you an advantage during the interview. Admittedly, having the perfect smile alone, won’t land you that job, dream college or contract, but it can earn you some points.

With your whitened teeth and your enlightened mind, you can charm interviewers, prospectors and nail interviews.

Having a white set of teeth is even better if you are in the showbiz. Just check Hollywood stars and you’ll know the importance of appearance in the business. Your smile is a huge part of what makes you stand out. In fact, you may even land some roles just for having a fine teeth and captivating smile.

6. It Would Help You See Life for the Better

We live in an era in which almost everyone, if not all, is battling an inner demon that makes life complicated. Even something like inferiority complex, anti-social disorder, lack of romance, and the likes could make a person deal with mental health issues.

When you whiten your teeth, it is at least one less thing to worry about in your life, especially if you have unsightly teeth that continually makes you feel inferior or unconfident.

Knowing you have fine teeth encourages you to smile more and this can improve you feel on the inside and reflect on the outside. Besides, smiling is good for your facial features and health and as you smile more, you find out that you are happier, gayer and attract more attention and compliments from people.

As a result, if you had a hard time making friends, that would change. During interviews, you would be at your best. At school or workplace, you would feel just great. And most importantly, you would no longer fear mirrors or cameras.

7. Encourages Better Oral Hygiene

If you are finding it difficult to maintain good oral hygiene, getting teeth procedure done might help. People who invest in teeth whitening often testify that they feel encouraged to put in more work to maintain the results they got from teeth whitening.

Most people won’t want to return to the way things were before the procedure. Therefore, they want to maintain their current look, putting in time to better oral care. This includes visiting the dentist periodically, brushing and flossing regularly.

Besides, maintaining the perfect smile, practicing good oral hygiene will also go a long way in preventing oral diseases.

8. It Does Not Require Surgery

Thanks to technology you don’t need to go through any surgery to have a white set of teeth. No surgery means little or no risks. With several safe whitening options available, you can choose the best that suits your needs.

More so, there are no downtime required, which means once you make an appointment, you can easily drop by, do the procedure without requiring any hospitalization. With just few visits, you can change your looks and change your life without disrupting your normal routine.

What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

1. Teeth whitening is relatively safe.

Whether you decide to get your procedure done at a dental clinic or by using teeth whitening home-kit, teeth whitening is relatively safe. There is not much to worry about concerning teeth whitening except the sensitivity sensation you might/will experience.

If you are to get the procedure done by a dentist, let the dentist observe your teeth for sensitive areas. Also, the dentist should check out about your allergies as well as your past health care record. This would help the dentist select the right kind of procedure for you.

If you are going with teeth whitening home-kits option, research your possible choices and chose the safest option, that offer maximum results. You also peruse the product to be sure it doesn’t contain any ingredient you are allergic to. Finally, always follow the home-kit instructions to ensure you get desired results and prevent any side effects.

2. It is as expensive/cheap as you can afford.

Having your teeth whitening procedure done by a dentist, will cost you more than using whitening home-kits. Generally, teeth whitening at dental clinics are not cheap. This is because their procedures are more elongated and custom-organized than home-kits.

Moreover, choosing a dentist for the procedure helps you achieve faster and more effective results.

Teeth whitening home-kits, on the other hand, are generally affordable. They require more prolonged use before visible results are seen. Regardless, they are known to be very effective as teeth whiteners, given their affordable prices.

3. The effect might not be obvious early on.

If you want to use teeth whitening home-kits, you should know that the result will not be evident the first day you use the products. The results might take between 3 days and even months to start becoming apparent.

This is because the teeth whitening product must first whiten layers of odd color and severe stains, before becoming apparent. Hence, the whitening agents can’t penetrate the teeth deeply immediately after application.

So even if you don’t notice much difference right after the first use, don’t feel like the product is not working. It takes time; you just need to be consistent with your application. Before long, you would start seeing visible results; it is worth the wait.

4. It doesn’t last forever.

Whether you get your procedure done at a dental clinic or home, the whitening is not meant to last forever. After getting the procedure, you need to make conscious efforts to maintain the results.

You must stay away from foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Even if you like to take such meals or drinks, always brush your teeth and floss right after. Click here for more information on healthy nutrition to help you maintain your teeth.

It’s also vital to abstain from smoking. Besides the fact that it stains your teeth, smoking is injurious to your health.

You may need to retouch the whitening after some months or a few years to maintain results. If you’ve been practicing a strict teeth maintenance culture, you won’t have to retouch the whitening early. Also, the retouching would be faster and more evident compared to the initial procedure.


Your teeth appearance affects both your physical attribution as well as your physical and mental health. Whether you notice it or not, your teeth’s appearance says a lot about you. It partly determines how you perceive and project yourself and other people’s perception of you.

Besides, teeth whitening can also help you maintain oral hygiene and improve oral health. Therefore, you should consider getting a whitening procedure. Everyone deserves the best smile and more!


  1. It’s great that you listed the reasons why I must consider getting a teeth whitening procedure. Apart from the fact that it enhances my appearance in just a few visits, I like what you said that this doesn’t require surgery. All along I thought it would be painful, but turns out, it’s not. Since I have stained teeth due to smoking, I guess I should try getting one.