Lights ON

Are you the type that cannot sleep without putting your light on? If you do, you must put an end to that. It is possible that you are endangering your health without having a slight knowledge of it.

The negative connection between sleep and night-time light is such strong that the American Medical Association has to warn the nation of the inherent dangers that are associated with that.

The danger is that night-time light interferes with your body basic rhythms. Anything that can interfere with your sleep can interfere with your health and to that extent with your life.

It is important that you know how night-time light can actually interfere with your health so that you can start avoiding them today.

1. Sleep disorder

The major problem is that it can cause a sleep disorder. The human body is made in such a way it can have optimal rest with darkness in the night, and not with artificial light.

When the light is on even television light, it is going to have a serious sleep disorder effect. Nobody can actually estimate the ripple effects it can have on your body and your health.

2. Cancer

One of the negative effects of having night-time light on when you sleep is that it can expose you to cancer. It can lead to breast cancer.

In addition to that, research indicates that the internal clock is determined by illumination and because of that when the night light is on; it can distort the body metabolic process. It can equally affect the genes.

The genes perform important functions to the body. Besides, it can suppress tumors. Because of the ripple effect, medical experts reveal that people who put their night light on when they sleep have a greater risk of getting cancer.

3. Causes hormonal changes

If you sleep and leave your light on including your television light, you could be doing that at your risk. This is because research has shown that the blue emission that such light releases can cause some negative changes in your body hormonal make up. It can lead to a decrease of such body components like the melatonin.

The body system is meant to rest when there is darkness. The body cannot do well when there is artificial light. When you allow your light on when you sleep, then you are endangering your hormonal makeup.

4. Heart problems

Perhaps, the worst complication you can get by having your light on when you sleep is that it can cause heart related problems. Poor rest is the major cause of health complication, especially heart related problems.

Research has indicated that light can cause sleep disorder and when that becomes a constant occurrence. It can stimulate other health challenges.

It is possible that the person will start to suffer from different health complications, especially those that have to do with the heart. The light will not help you to sleep because it is going to crush melatonin, which will help you to have sufficient rest.

5. Depression

When you do not have enough rest due to insufficient night-time light interference, then with time you will begin to suffer from depression. If you start to put your light on when you sleep, the negative conditions can begin to reverse itself.

6. Reproductive health

In addition, it can affect women negatively. It can disrupt their reproductive health. Research indicates that it can affect the menstrual circle and fertility over time.

Because of that, it is recommended that you avoid having your light on when you sleep. You may not know this until you begin to notice those complications.

7. Obesity

Furthermore, it has been proven that night-time light has the capacity to disorganize the body rhythm. If you do not change your sleeping habit by putting all light off, you can begin to add unnecessary weight.

With time the weight becomes excess and turns to obesity. Problem with obesity is the enormous hazards associated with it. If you fail to manage that situation well, it can cost your life.


These are some of the negative effects of sleeping with lights on. Since you gain few benefits by leaving your lights on when you sleep, you should adhere to the advice and warning of experts by ensuring that you switch off your bedroom light and your television sets.