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Eating Healthier when Diagnosed with Diabetes

For people diagnosed with diabetes eating can suddenly seem like a nightmare. You have to pay attention to carbohydrates and sugar. Even foods that most people think are safe, like fruits and vegetables, can become a hassle for you when you have to spend every day keeping track, for your life.

Other than the fact that your diabetes will be easier to control, a healthy diet can help in more ways. Following a recommended diabetic diet from your doctor will help you lose weight too, which can also help with controlling diabetes. Here are some tips on healthy eating choices.

Eat Your Fiber

Fiber is one of those things that is always recommended when it comes to losing weight and staying regular. Your body doesn’t absorb dietary fiber, instead it sucks the nutrients it needs from it and pushes the rest right through the system. Dietary fiber is mostly found in vegetables, legumes, whole grains and fruit.

Follow your doctor’s recommendation on how much of these foods you should eat. You don’t want to overdo it on something like strawberries, which may be rich in fiber but are also high in natural sugars. These foods also help with heart health.

Get the Good Fats

Two times per week it can be beneficial to eat fish. Most fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are the good fats. They help fight cholesterol, which is rich in red meats and can even be found in white meat like chicken.

Even a simple can of tuna is a good source of omega-3’s. However you can find them in fresh fish too, if you prefer catching your own meals. You can also get good fats from nuts, if fish just isn’t your thing. But note that fish oil is one of the best sources.

Be a Carb Counter

You don’t want to cut out carbohydrates, they help give your body energy. However, you do want to make sure your getting healthy carbs. That means getting your carbs from the fiber foods mentioned previously.

Carbs break down and become glucose in the human system. This is why your carbohydrate intake is very important to keep an eye on. Many dietitians will recommend that you eat the same amount of carbs each day around the same time to keep your levels even.

It may seem like a really difficult thing to do, but when it comes to your health and your livelihood, changing your diet for the better won’t be the hardest thing you have to face in life. Just look at it as investing in your future.

You won’t have to stop eating your favorite foods, you’ll just need to pay closer attention to how much of them you eat and how often you eat them.

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