Easy Ways to Keep Your Student’s Life Healthy

For many students, college years are the happiest ones, because this period is a combination of youth, novelty, and excitement. These are the years when first “adult” life difficulties come, first love, first disappointment, responsibilities, worries about writing help


A few years, the life bustles: exams and tests are replaced by collective trips to the cinema and a disco, and a lecture smoothly transits into a walk in the moonlight. The only thing that students lack time to think about is their health.

They think that medications and diseases are a lot of the elderly, so that is why many students get their diploma together with a bunch of health disorders like gastritis, ulcer etc. This list is in fact much longer!

Take care of health from an early age!

A man is an architect of his own fortune. And here we are talking not only about the career, the education, but also health. At the beginning of our life, our mental and physical health are largely dependent on our parents.

In fact, they “lay the foundation”. And then it all depends on us. I wonder what it would be to live on the “top floor” if the “middle ones” are constructed of materials of poor quality? I think this “building” will not last for a long time.

How boring is listening to parents that smoking is harmful and that it is better to take dinner from home, and a daily reminder of the fact that it is necessary to protect the head and back from the cold?

But what is a picture of a modern student? It is as follows…being fashionable and cool (they smoke, drink alcohol), with synthetic fabrics on, neglecting a warm hat in winter and a raincoat in spring. That’s because everybody wants to be the soul of the company and make an impression on fellow students.

And forty years from now, everybody who had been so cool and fashionable in his student years will remain with diseased kidneys, lungs, stomach and heart. Be strong, athletic and fit at fifty or sixty years – that’s what today is really fashionable and prestigious! However, it all begins with students’ years.

The students’ lifestyle is characterized by:

  • Irregular and improper diet;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Little physical activity;
  • Long stay in a stuffy room;
  • Acquisition of harmful habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.);
  • Constant stress;
  • Mental load, strain.

Here is a list of the main “enemies” of the student’s health. It is almost impossible to overcome them but to reduce their effect on the body is always possible. Let us examine each one individually.

Food habits

Gastritis is considered to be the disease of students and not in vain. By the end of the study, almost all face the pain in the stomach. And it is only the smallest problem with digestion, which can develop from improper nutrition.


Sometimes, improper diet may also cause cholelithiasis, pancreatitis or stomach ulcers. Additionally, a student does not always have the opportunity to wash his hands before he eats a sandwich on the run, and thus he may get may get a serious infection inside.

A sample of the students’ diet:

  • In the morning – we eat a lot, so do not get hungry quickly;
  • At lunch — we eat snacks, or not eat at all;
  • After studying – again, we eat a lot before going to sleep.

Here is the most optimistic picture. Often, in the morning the girls spend time on makeup, the guys – on a sleep, and in the afternoon learning problems are solved. So, you eat only once a day (in the evening). Even the strongest and healthiest stomach will not suffer such an abuse.

What to do?

Try to eat more often because hydrochloric acid without food begins to digest the gastric mucosa if you eat on rare occasions. Do not forget about dinner, the food is the “fuel”, not only for the body but also for the brain. Ideally, you should not have more than 4 hours between meals. Another very important rule is to never skip breakfast!

The important point is the quality of food. If you have no opportunity to take food out of the house, try to find the dining room, where there is hot food. a bowl of soup is not more expensive than a bottle of the carbonated beverage.

If the day is still passed on an empty stomach, compensate by normal household power. Some fruits and oatmeal will be a real treat for the stomach. Do not forget about hygiene. Water and soap can be replaced with wet napkins or an antiseptic hand gel.

Lack of physical activity

Most of the day, the students have to sit. Lectures, seminars, reading, computer work and home preparation for tomorrow pass without movement. As a result, students are faced with such problems:

  • Poor circulation in the limbs;
  • Oxygen lack in vital organs, including the brain;

But here, you can help yourself:

  1. Try to spend even short breaks between lectures on the move, never stay sitting at the desk during the break.
  2. Constantly control your posture. Keep your back straight- it’s not only beautiful but also provides the normal operation of the lungs and blood circulation.
  3. When you work a lot on the computer or read- make short breaks every 40 minutes; Take care of your eyes.
  4. Do not forget about the fresh air. Prepare for your lectures in the park. And the least that can be done – is airing your room as often as possible.
  5. Love sports! The idea is that it requires a lot of money, is just an excuse. Today, most large institutions provide their students with training gyms and gym clubs. If not, do simple exercises at home or in the park, go jogging etc. A dance to your favorite music – is useful not only for the body but for the soul.

Keep your mind and body healthy! Good luck!

This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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