Easy Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

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So here I am wondering what Noah was thinking when he allowed the cockroaches get into the ark instead of leaving them to just drown during the flood.

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Cockroaches are known to spread diseases and also influence allergies as a matter of fact they are not safe for children and sometimes they can go as far as biting humans.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the easy ways in which you can quickly get rid of cockroaches from your household.

  • You can get rid of cockroaches by making use of effective cockroach baits. One of the best baits you can get from the market that you’re sure will kill cockroaches is advion Roach Bait. Spread the bait around your house well so that it can be more effective.
  • Dust the roach infested area with some boric acid powder making use of a bulb duster to create a thin layer. Boric acid is a great tool for getting rid of roaches.
  • Target the right places to use the bait. Some of the major locations where there is major cockroach infestation are back of appliances, cabinets, and panels of the cabinet. You can also apply the boric acid to cracks and crevices, dustbins, baseboards, appliances, and holes.
  • Poison their food supply using the bulb duster by spreading boric avoid in the garbage before you go to bed every night. Once it is poisoned you should leave the garbage bin open so that the roaches can eat as much as they want.
  • Dust some boric acid powder all around especially in this tiny holes where you don’t suspect these insects will be hiding. Those tiny cracks on the baseboard and spaces on the baseboard should be sprayed so that cockroaches have no hiding place.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes on the sink and ensure that you clean your kitchen every night. Keep all foods in an airtight container, or keep them in your fridge.
  • Repeat these steps everyday so that the roaches don’t have the chance to recover and bother you again.

The above are effective ways of handling cockroach infestations but always remember that you have to wait for at least a week to see noticeable changes. In no time you will see that the roaches will disappear forever unless you attract more from outside the house.

This was a very brief summary of the things that she can do to get fast relief from cockroach infestation.

However the above are only a few things you can do we have a couple of other tips that will be helpful with tackling different kinds of pest problems and also give you an idea of what factors may be causing the infestation.

The number of species of cockroaches known to humans is above 3000. The most popularly found ones among the 3000 cockroaches species include the American cockroach, the German cockroach, the oriental cockroach, and the brown banded cockroach.

These four species love to live inside the house because they get shelter, they get the food, they get water, and the moisture they desire.

Cut off their food supply

Make your house a place where cockroaches will be starved if they come there for food. You can do this by leaving no dirty dishes in your kitchen, sealing any food material that you have, keeping all cooked foods covered, sweeping off all crumbs.

It is also important that you vacuum all surfaces regularly, and also take out your trash every day.

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These tips will not only help you scare cockroaches from your house and even kill some, of them but it will prevent them from coming back into your home.

Cockroaches are not healthy, and nobody deserves to have them crawling around their houses, a house that is cockroach free will not have any kind of pregnancy meal and will feel fresh at all times.

If you do not have the time or you feel too lazy to take all the steps listed in getting rid of cockroaches from your home, then you also have the option of contracting a professional pest control company to help you get rid of all pests around your house by spraying them periodically.

You should also cut their water supply

Cockroaches not only come to your house for food, but they also come to your house for water, so it is important that you completely cut off their water supply.

How can you do this the simple steps you need to take include fixing all the parts that are leaking repair all tabs that drip make sure that your kitchen surfaces bathroom and scenes are always dry before bedtime cover all the drinks before you go to bed and also ensure that your pets water board is empty that night.

One thing I have noticed with the cockroaches in my house is that they usually come out at night when everywhere is dark.

That could mean that cockroaches are nocturnal insects and for this reason, it is best that whatever method you’re going to use in eradicating them is available during the night time when they come outside to play and hunt for food.

There are a couple of pesticides that you can get from your local store that would work great in helping to eradicate cockroaches all you have to do is pray them around your house at night time or spray them whenever you are leaving the house so that you do not inhale the chemical.

Do not forget that if you’re going to be using any form of insecticide, it is best to keep them away from children because they can be very dangerous you do not want your child to have it in his or her mouth or even inhale these chemicals.

If you feel that the foods in your house have been infected by cockroaches, do not make any attempt to eat them this pose them immediately also if you feel like you have been bitten by cockroaches, rinse the area and get a dermatologist to have it checked.

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If there are any other tips that you know will help eradicate such pests from your home, please feel free to share via the comment section below.

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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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