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Easy New Month Resolutions for Lazy People

A lot of people always want a fresh start at the beginning of the year, but it is never too late for a fresh start.

So a lot of people who had new year resolutions, probably to lose weight, to engage in exercise, or dieting etc, were probably able to go through with their resolutions for the first few weeks of the year.

But at the moment they are finding it difficult to continue. They just might spend the rest of the year being their old selves feeling like they have lost the battle, but there’s still hope.

You really do not have to give up. It is never too late to start all over and even create new resolutions so we are going to call them the new month’s resolution and I’m going to drop a few tips on resolutions that you can begin to practice from today onwards.

We have gathered together 15 new month resolutions that are not too difficult to keep and then just might become habits on the long run. as a bonus none of the new month resolutions would require you to hit the gym, so you don’t have to stress much about keeping them.

Lazy People

1. Floss every day

Flossing is an essential thing, and most of us try once in a while to do it. But still, whenever we pay a visit to the dentist, we manage to get scolded for not doing it well enough. Flossing helps clean plaques and debris between your gum and teeth.

It is recommended that you floss at least once a day and it is obvious why because flossing can add a few more years to a person’s life. Did you know that people who do not floss regularly stand a higher risk of heart disease?

Flossing daily is not so much of a big resolution. In fact, it is one of the easiest things anybody can do, and at the same time, it is life changing. so, why not decide to do that every night and see how it improves your life?

2. Meditation

you’re looking for something low cost because you want to save more in the new month and that is a good thing. you can engage in meditation because it will cost you next to nothing.

we get stressed everyday because of how hectic working or schooling can be. And at the end of the day, it is important that you manage the stress so that you do not breakdown. Meditation is a low cost on effectively some money just stress levels.

If you want to have some private time and manage your stress levels or reduce anxiety, then meditation is the right therapy for you. for those who have not meditated before it might seem like a daunting task but there are lots of applications that can guide you through it.

3. Read new books

Reading books is a culture that is gradually dying and you can do a lot to improve yourself by cultivating this habits.

When it comes to reading you can find three different types of people; those who actually read books, those who have the habit of buying books and never reading them, and people who have never bought a book since they left high school.

Most people genuinely want to be that person who reads a lot of books but because it is not something they’re used to, they find it difficult to continue.

When you do something for 21 days back to back, it becomes a habit so if you pick a new book and read one page every day, by the end of 21 days you probably would make it a habit to read daily.

If you do not want to get books from your local bookshop, then you can get ebooks and just read off your tablet or your laptop (that makes it a whole lot easier).

If you start reading 30 minutes before bedtime everyday, it would be a very wonderful way to went down but it is safer to read an actual hard copy book before going to bed than reading off your phone.

4. Take the stairs and ditch the elevator

Alright, this is almost like a fitness routine but it is a very good new month resolution to add to your list. If you start taking the stairs over the elevator, you would be exercising your body without heading to the gym and that is just great because you get to stay fit without spending much money.

This is a healthy habit because most of the time we are stationary while at school or at work. Climbing stairs is a great form of cardio, it can help to improve good cholesterol and also increase bone density. So if you’re looking to increase your leg power, and even lose some weight, then you should enjoy climbing the stairs.

5. Clean out your social media

This is not a conventional new month resolution but it is a very essential one. You probably have had to follow hundreds of new people on your instagram, twitter and even on facebook in the past months, and because social media is a vital part of our lives these days, having a clotted feed can turn out to be quite exhausting.

You can spend the first few days of the new month cleaning up your social media. Search out all the brands and influences that you have been following and unfollow them if you’re no longer interested. Those folks from high school who you don’t talk to and anyone who just doesn’t bring positive energy away should also be unfollowed.

Whatever accounts you also realised that you follow that makes you feel less of yourself should also be eliminated so that you can be relaxed and not see social media as that black hole.

6. Get more sleep (eight hours or more)

Sleep is just very essential to your overall health as exercise and diet. But when it comes to making a new year or new month resolutions sleep is one thing that is overlooked.

The united state’s department of health and human services mentioned that getting enough sleep at night may help to prevent sickness, maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, help with greater brain function, and even help you think clearly.

Make sure that your room is always conducive enough for sleep, prevent any bright lights and noise disturbance, and also clear of all work materials so that you don’t think about work when it’s bedtime.

You should also cut off caffeine whenever it’s past 2 p.m. and make sure that anything technology-related is kept far from you if you must get a good quality of sleep.

No matter how tempting it may be to fall asleep on the couch with the remote in your hand prevent that.

Finally, make sure to go to bed the same time everyday so that it becomes your normal sleep with him and you can wake up in the morning feeling very vitalized and ready to take on the day.

7. Stop repeatedly saying “I’m sorry.”

A lot of times we’re guilty of saying “I am sorry” when we actually do not mean it. Like when you’re walking past the crowd and instead of saying “excuse me” you just keep going ‘I’m sorry”.

Learn to use the right words at the right time. When you’re sincerely sorry for something you apologize, when you need to be excused you say excuse me.

You would just discover how many times you apologize when you don’t have to and you feel more empowered knowing that you know how to say the right words at the right time to the right people.

What do you think about having a new month resolution? It’s never too late or too early to begin. You can pick one of these and start right away. We look forward to hearing about your progress, and also hearing your thoughts about starting a new month resolution.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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