With 2016 coming to a close, it is time to start rethinking your resolutions for the coming year. In January, you will have compiled an abridged list of the things you would like to achieve next year.

The most common of goals in these lists revolves around weight loss and better health. These are great starts, of course. However, there are a number of other resolutions you can adopt to achieve a healthier, better looking, and stronger version of who you are today.

If you will be looking to join the fitness frenzy in the coming year, you might want to think about other ways to make the task easier for you. The following tips are not only creative, they are also fun and easy to do. Incorporate them into your 2017 plan and start on your journey to a healthier life.

Quit Smoking

Even if you just label yourself a social smoker, you are still harming your body in irreversible ways. Therefore, whether you smoke several packets a day or you only take the occasional puff at a party, make a resolution to kick the habit once and for all in 2017.
Smoking is linked with several health conditions – chief of which include lung cancer and heart disease. Consequently, when you cut this habit out, you will have taken a giant step towards healthier living. Quit smoking is not easy action, step to step to reduce smoking and at least using the air filter for smoke to keep smoke away from your family.

Be Active

In the same way, you might want to be more active in the coming year. Your physical activity, however small, will go a long way in giving you better health, overall wellness, and glowing beauty.

By ensuring that you are active on most days, you will also improve your mind, body, and spirit. Think of physical activity as a must-do. Then, consider options to keep your body moving – such as a walking to work, skipping in the morning, choosing the stairs over the lift, and so on and so forth.

Inspire Yourself

If you are on social media, consider looking for fitness and health inspiration on the sites you frequent. We are living in one of the coolest periods in history because it is increasingly becoming easy to connect with those on the same mission as ourselves.

For instance, in case you check Pinterest frequently, look for great information on how to eat healthy and make beautifully delectable dishes. If Instagram is your thing, follow a couple of fitness experts and health coaches. Find out how they manage to look so good and stay so slim, and adopt the same strategies.

Whatever it is you have in mind, social media should be able to provide you with the information you need to make it work. There’s tons of content floating out there waiting for you to discover it to activate your healthy living.

Eat Breakfast

In the hustle and bustle of normal life, we often forgo breakfast. This is a grave mistake, especially if you are determined to make 2017 your healthy year. However important you think that morning meeting is it will never trump your health, fitness, and wellness.
To ensure you are active, energetic, and in good moods the entire day, make your breakfast as nutritious as possible. You should be giving your body as many nutrients as possible before you step out the door.

Breakfast presents your first opportunity to give yourself a healthy start. Research even shows that those people who start their day with a healthy breakfast have a higher likelihood of setting a positive tone to the rest of their day.

Know Your Body

As the year ends, ensure that you go for a physical for the primary purpose of knowing your body and the numbers associated with it. Get your weight checked, and learn everything there is to know about your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Going for a physical will help you keep better tabs on your state of health. Even if you are feeling fine, there are tons of medical conditions that do not cause symptoms. Therefore, something might be inherently wrong in your body. Seeing a doctor will get you the valuable insights that will enable you prepare for the future as well as knowing about any illnesses in their early stages.

The knowledge you gather will, above everything else, motivate you to start living better, eating healthier, and adopting an active lifestyle. A simple blood test will provide you with the valuable insight you need to understand where you are, health-wise. After that, you will be able to make informed decisions based on what your body actual needs and not what you assume it requires.

You might also want to find out more from your family history. Most of the health conditions that you are susceptible to run down your family tree. If you are not well informed about your family’s general medical history, ask questions in preparation for 2017. Find out whether your grandmother had heart disease or if anyone in the family had cancer.

When you go as far back as you can, you will be able to assess those health risks you are prone to. Then, you can make the changes needed to lower your susceptibility to these risks.

Avoid Unhealthy Drinks

Drinking soda, energy drinks, and excessive alcohol is bad for your health. You probably already know this. As 2017 approaches, make a resolution to avoid these drinks as far as possible.

Although the occasional glass of wine might be good for you, overindulging in binge drinking sessions every weekend will only add to the size of your waistline. Additionally, soda and other drinks with artificial sugars are bad for your teeth and bones.

Why not swap these drinks with tea, water, and freshly-squeeze fruit juice? Tea, in particular, is known for the health benefits it brings. It is packed full with antioxidants that will strengthen your body against free radical damage.

Concluding Thoughts

The healthy tips will go a long way in turning you into a better version of yourself come 2017. With the New Year comes the feeling of renewal, meaning that it is the ideal time to set some goals with regards to your health, fitness, and weight. Use the tips above to give yourself a start before 2016 winds up.

Author Bio:
Minnie Scott is a health, wellness and home tips writer. Find her at her blog