EaseQuit Review – Quit Smoking Easily

When it was time to quit smoking, my mind was geared toward the dreaded moments when withdrawal symptoms would inevitably kick in. I’d tried to quit smoking before, and I wasn’t looking forward to this next attempt. Besides, I’d tried so many gums and patches and when nothing worked, I just gave up trying to give up.

When I heard about EaseQuit my tenacious determination to stick to my decision was now foremost. I knew about how sensitive ears are and Auriculotherapy used the same pressure points that were relevant to acupuncture. There was a link between the two and that was what kept me focused on my desire to quit smoking.

So, with an attitude that said, ‘I’ve got nothing to lose’ I did a little research and learned that EaseQuit used the same kind of therapy as acupuncture but with tiny magnets that replaced the chemicals cigarettes released.

Okay, I thought, these electromagnets induce a completely harmless stimulation instead. I think the fact that because no needles were involved with EaseQuit like they are with acupuncture this was what swayed me to try it.

I purchased EaseQuit online having thought, wow, they’re not cheap, but when I thought about what I was paying for a packet of cigarettes, the price of the tiny magnets would pay for themselves in no time flat. And that’s exactly what they did.

Let me explain how it worked for me. The little magnet has a mate and when you put one on one side of your ear and the other magnet on the other side, they hold each other there and you can barely see them. So, here I was armed with magnets and my mind is excited because I’m going to be smoke-free in about seven days.

I waited for the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms because I knew, having tried to quit before, it was an inevitable side effect that you can’t escape. They didn’t come. That is, I felt so sure in my mind that I was going to give up smoking that I was totally relaxed the entire time I was wearing the magnets (which I mostly forgot about) and I was only wearing them between three and four hours a day.

I knew when I wanted a cigarette, however. The craving was there but it was so subtle I was able to disregard it and while I was doing that, the tiny magnet was working wonders because psychologically I knew whilst there was absolutely no pain or discomfort, something positive was definitely happening.

Now, I took longer than seven days to quit smoking with EaseQuit; in fact, it was longer than two weeks but as my third week approached, with my mind already wanting to release the hold on nicotine, I was becoming stronger as far as my will power was concerned. And I walked.

As I walked, I envisioned myself being able to go into a store without reeking of smoke; walking upstairs without sounding as though I was going to collapse due to chronic lung malfunction and I kept a journal. At first when I had no cigarette to help me through a moment of dissatisfaction or stress, I thought, wow, I’ve lost my best friend. This is true. But then in my journal, I was writing how I felt, and I felt great.


It’s been over five months now and I can’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke let alone light one up. I truly believe that whilst I effectively gave up ‘Cold Turkey’ with EaseQuit it was due to the lack of nicotine in my blood stream that made my transition much quicker with very little discomfort at all.

And the investment I made with the little magnets? EasyQuit will last my entire life. A lot longer than if I hadn’t quit smoking.

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