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Why Earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice?


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The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree programs produce exceptional nurse leaders. Graduates master the translation of research into practice. This prepares them to manage individual patients and improve their overall outcome. This degree focuses on safe, effective, and patient-centered care. But deciding whether a DNP is right for you is a personal choice.



The Doctor of Nursing Practice is a terminal degree. Students take a clinical perspective on how diseases progress. As a student, you will study diagnostics, advanced practice, and disease treatment among other things. With this degree, you become an independent practitioner.


A DNP degree allows you to develop the skills necessary for the highest level of practice. They are practice leaders who are transforming the system and providing better care solutions for patients. The Master of Science in Nursing is the minimum requirement for advanced practice nursing roles.

A DNP opens even more opportunities for advancement. If you are looking to go beyond the MSN in order to improve the quality and outcome of care, to meet the increasing demands of patients, and achieve senior-level leadership positions, then you need to pursue a Doctor of Nursing.

Not only do doctoral-trained nurses enjoy more opportunities for advancement, they also earn higher salaries. Because DNP programs strive to integrate nursing science with analytical, biophysical, organizational, and psychosocial sciences graduates have higher academic achievement and more specialized expertise that is rewarded with better pay.

Nurses with a doctorate are therefore able to better understand the nature of health and healthcare delivery and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and improve the nursing practice healthcare system overall.


Here are even reasons why you should consider pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice today.

  • The American Associate of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) and associated members encourage advanced administrators and advanced practice nurses to attain a DNP degree.
  • A DNP is a practice-based degree, so you get to put evidence-based findings into practice. It allows you to move beyond the research phase.
  • You get to play a part in solving complex and ever-changing healthcare issues.
  • With a DNP, you are eligible for leadership roles. This means you can shape the profession. You can effect change that directly improves the lives of your patients as well as the healthcare system.
  • It allows you to become an undisputed leader that contributes solutions to the complex demands of the healthcare environment.
  • While pursuing your degree, you get to rub shoulders with and learn from instructors that are leaders in their field.
  • You learn to utilize technologies to promote a more efficient, data-driven practice. Properly used technologies lead to improved patient care, more effective systems, and better-quality work.

Career Paths

Once you earn a doctorate, man career opportunities won’t necessarily involve hands-on nursing. Most DNP holders work in executive positions. Responsibilities might include managing other nurses and staff, holding a leadership role in providing patient care, developing policies and procedures, conducting research, applying research findings to patient care, and educating patients and the public on healthcare issues.

Four of the top in-demand careers are a nurse educator, chief nursing officer, clinical nurse specialist, and advanced practice nurse. Nurse educators teach the next generation of nurses. Chief nursing officers act as leaders while managing patient outcomes, lowering costs, and meeting regulatory standards.

Clinical nurse specialists have strong managerial skills so they can treat patients while also assessing hospital procedures. Advanced practice nurses are specialized in their field and work to handle the increased complexities of patient care in the specialization.


Training to become a doctorate-educated nurse requires a lot of work. If you successfully earn this degree, you will be well suited to make an impact on your profession. You are trained to go beyond patient care and become a leader.

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