Teenage is a tough period for both, the child and the parent as adolescents are too much stressed and angry during this stage. This might be the result of several pressures they face from their school, their peers and family which makes them confused.

When the stress is too much it would lead to mental illness which would affect the brain of your kids and restricts it from functioning effectively. This mental illness is a chronic disability that can prevent a child from performing his day to day activities.

Like any other medical condition. this teenage mental health has its signs which you need to make a note for treating this condition in your kid at the initial stage itself.

Changes in Behavior

This is one of the early signs that you must look for in your kid. Your kid will lose interest in those activities, which they used show interest earlier. These kids would love the isolation and will avoid the company of family members while at home.

Some teens might even get attracted to substance abuse or might indulge in reckless behavior to block away the confusion they are facing. Some might even lag behind in studies and might not finish their assignments in time.

Some might even think of suicides as they would become much fascinated with death and might even express it through their poems and journals.

Too much anger and irritation

Extreme anger is an alarming sign of  teenage mental health. Such troubled teenagers would become very angry and would blame their parents or siblings for everything they have gone through and would lament that their life is not perfect.

They would believe that someone has the control over their lives while some kids would believe they possess superhuman powers or strengths. Many teenagers believe that their parents don’t trust them or is suspicious about them.

They realize that something is wrong but unable to find a solution for their problem. If your kid has this symptom, then he or she will vent the anger at you, throw things at home or yell at their siblings to express their anger.

Make sure that you don’t yell back at them as it will make them much more furious and will lead them to take some fatal decisions like suicide.

Worrying too much

This is also one among the warning signs of teenage mental health which makes your teen highly worried about his or her appearance. They mostly complain they are not fat or thin or their hair is long or short.

They might exercise or stay on diet to achieve their desired look. They might even have some phobias which will make them go to great extents to stay clear of those.

Decision making issues

Teenagers with mental health issues will have problems while making decisions. Teenagers with mental issues have poor judgemental abilities, which make them believe a wrong person as a good one and prefer to have an intimate relationship with them which would make their lives more miserable.