It’s important to take your child early for orthodontic treatment if there’s an issue with misaligned teeth and jawlines. As the child grows older, it becomes harder to set the teeth right.

If you want to ensure your child’s smile and speaking comfort, seek out an orthodontist today.

The Advantages Of Orthodontic Treatment

A good smile makes you feel confident and increases your self-esteem. A crooked smile that shows a set of misaligned teeth ruins the impression you want to make on others. As a result, people with confident, clear smiles get preference in the job market and in other aspects of life.

Why Early Treatment For Dental Issues

It is recommended for a child to go in for an orthodontic consultation as early as 6 years of age. At this stage, it is easier to correct dental issues such as overbites, overlaps, crooked teeth and so on.

Wearing the proper braces and retainers ensures that the teeth position themselves correctly. Teeth irregularities need to be corrected earlier, in order to prevent them from increasing in severity and required prolonged and more painful treatment later.

Why Early Treatment For Jaw-Related Issues

For excessive lower jaw growth, orthodontists recommend immediate and early treatment, since this condition proves to be very tough to treat as the child grows. Plus, jaw alignments and other jaw discrepancies take several years – even 4 to 5 years in some cases.

Jaw-related treatments are sometimes split into two phases; the first phase is to correct any jaw issues using a growth modification appliance. The second phase is to correct teeth alignment using braces and retainers.

How Early Treatment Impacts Overall Well-Being

A misaligned jaw with crooked teeth can cause a lot of problems to one’s well-being. Through early treatment, you can avoid the following common issues and the impact they can have on the child’s life.

  • Chewing: If the upper-jaw and lower-jaw teeth don’t meet each other in the correct manner, your child will not be able to chew and grind food. Obviously, this leads to indigestion, refusal to eat food, malnourishment and other issues.
  • Speaking: Teeth that project outside the mouth don’t allow lips to close normally; this can cause speech impairment, which can be very embarrassing to anyone. Plus, such a positioning can give one’s face a rather unappealing look, which impacts one’s social life.

Tooth Damage: When jaws or teeth don’t meet properly, they not only affect facial appearance adversely, but apply excessive force on the teeth. This leads to premature wear and tear of tooth enamel, the material that protects our teeth from decay. What’s more, this can also cause gum and bone damage, leading to early tooth loss or drastic tooth weakening.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay: Irregular teeth make it difficult for the child to brush and floss properly. This eventually leads to gum-related problems such as gingivitis. Cavities can also develop in the teeth, reducing the life-span of such teeth.


With early treatment, you can help your child look better, feel better; avoid gum disease, enamel wear, speech impediments and facial disfigurement. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent and correct several issues, giving your child the chance at a great future.