Coli also known as Escherichia coli is a bacteria and it is found in the intestine. Apart from the intestine, it is found in animal guts. Though you cannot see it in all kinds of animals, it is more on those animals that live on ground. It is not in all animals.

There are different kinds of this disease. Some of them are not bad to your health and can help in the digestive system. However, some of the strains are not helpful, as they can cause severe health conditions. Some of them are associated with diarrhea.

You can contact that problem when eat food which is contaminated by that bacterium. You can also contact the problem when you drink fouled water. Ensure that you avoiding taking food that contains that bacteria. The best way to avoid that is to cook any meat you eat very well. At this can kill all the germs.

It is not just food poisoning, as many people will refer to it when they are seeing the symptoms. E. coli is responsible for different kinds of infections such as breathing problems, pneumonia as well as other kinds of urinary tract infections.

More than seventy percent of these infections are caused by E-coli. This bacteria is responsible for different ailments. Because of that, it is recommended that once you begin to notice the symptoms, do not hesitate in consulting health experts.

There are different versions of the disease and some of these versions can actually make you sick by emitting a toxin known as Shiga to your body system. Apart from that, other strains of E. coli are responsible for a toxin that is often referred to as STEC.

Perhaps the worst of the strains is 0157:H7. This one is dangerous because it can actually make you sick. It can lead to several other health challenges such as vomiting, cramps as well as bloody diarrhea.

Research has shown that it is the leading cause of such problems like kidney failure especially among children. In addition to that, it is responsible for other life threatening conditions like fever, adult kidney failure, seizures, confusion as well as bleeding and so on.

Whenever you begin to manifest any of these symptoms, the best thing you can do is to seek emergency help.



When you talk of causes, your mind should go to how you can be infected with the problem. There are different ways you can be infected and here are some of them. You can be infected through ground meat.

Some species of ground meat can carry the bacteria. If you cook such meat, it is important that you cook them very well to kill these bacteria.

In addition to that, it can be contacted from processed meat such as animal intestines and so on. It is often associated with ground meat and many animals are carriers. Furthermore, you can contact that by drinking or eating untreated milk. When you take such unpasteurized milk, chances are there that you can contact the problem.

Another way you can contact it is through vegetables and fruit. If you eat vegetables and fruit that were tainted by water, which contains the bacteria, you can contact that disease. When manure from animal mixes with water, you can contact that disease.

You can also contact it from beverages and other food. In addition to that, you can equally contact it through water and so on.


Most of the symptoms were already listed above. You can begin to see the symptoms as early as 2 and 5 days. Here are some of the symptoms that show you are suffering from that ailment and they include the following:

Bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fatigue as well as nausea and other feverish conditions and so on. Fever may not be severe.


If you begin the treatment in time, you can become better within the first seven days. Some people that have serious complications called hemolytic uremic syndrome, which usually affects the kidney can equally be treated. No matter how severe the condition is, it can be treated. The best thing that you can do is to start that process in time.

The best way to start the treatment is to carry out a test of your stool. Most of them especially those that are associated with diarrhea can be treated through antibiotics. It can shorten the lifespan and it can be cured within the shortest possible time.

Moreover, you have to rest and drink water frequently, especially when you are suffering from diarrhea. In some cases, the sickness can go on its own without being subjected to treatment. The best thing is to treat it once you begin to see the signs.

Most importantly, you take preventive measures to avoid coming to contact with the ailment in the first place. Prevention is better than cure. Preventive measures you can take is avoiding those causes. If you eat meat, ensure that it is cooked. Before you take milk, find out how it was treated.