Has Your Drinking Gone out of Control?

Nobody likes to admit to a problem, least of all one as serious as a drinking disorder—yet admitting you have a problem can be the first step toward recovery, and the first move away from addiction’s ravages.

Of course, just because you have a drinking problem, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the disease of addiction. There is a thin line between binge drinking and addiction—but both can have toxic, corrosive effects on your body and your mind, your finances and your relationships.

No matter which one you’re struggling with, it is important to get help as soon as possible. If you cannot kick your dangerous drinking habit with the help of some emotionally supportive friends, consider one of the luxury rehab centers or executive rehab centers in your part of the country. The Orange County rehab center Chapters Capistrano is a good model of what you’re looking for.

But before you seek help, you need to acknowledge that you have a problem—that your drinking habit has spun out of control. Here are a few self-assessment questions to ask yourself, and some telltale signs that your drinking is indeed out of hand.

  1. You’d really like to quit drinking, but can’t: Are you still in control of your drinking, or does your drinking control you? Has your drinking caused you harm in some way, making you wish you could stop? Have you found yourself simply unable to do so? If you don’t have enough control to quit your drinking, then you do indeed have a problem.
  2. You drink just to get drunk: There is nothing at all wrong with social drinking, with savoring the shared experience with friends—but if you’re guzzling down alcohol just to get drunk as quickly as possible, then you no longer qualify as a social drinker.
  3. You drink and then find yourself in a dangerous situation: Do you ever wake up after a night of drinking and realize, with horror, that you had sex with someone you didn’t necessarily want to have sex with? Or that you got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated? Stupid risks and dangerous scenarios both point to problematic drinking.
  4. Your “drunk” personality is significantly different than your “sober” personality: We all loosen up a bit when we drink, but if you’re a completely different person when you’ve had some alcohol then you definitely have an issue.
  5. You experience frequent blackouts: Some drinkers wear their blackouts as badges of honor, but the truth is, memory lapses point to brain damage—and if you’re killing that many brain cells, you are clearly drinking to excess.

Are you drinking too much? Has an innocent, social drinking habit spiraled out of control? Be honest with yourself—it may be the first step toward healing, hope, and recovery.

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