Dr. Ed Picardi

Heroes are not built by chance. But rather they are people with a continuous desire to put everyone’s well-being before their own self. Such is the case for renowned surgeon Dr. Ed Picardi who has blazed trails not only in the world of medicine but also in the military.

Dr. Picardi immediately joined the military where he served for more than a decade right after getting accepted in medical school. Dr. Picardi, who finished his undergraduate studies with a degree in Bio-Engineering, finished his medical studies in Hahnemann University College of Medicine wherein he acquired a plethora of skills that made him what he is today, a critically-acclaimed surgeon.

However, Dr. Picardi who gave 13 years of his life to the military had hopes and dreams of serving the country for at least two decades but an unfortunate happenstance during his stay in the armed forces gave him the motivation to shift his full attention in medicine. According to Dr. Picardi, he was able to witness a young teenage boy die due to lack of medical facilities in the military.

This propelled him to speak in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill and in South Dakota Senate Committees health reform programs such as the Hillarycare and the Obamacare which garnered the attention of many and resulted in major repercussions for him.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or commonly known as the Obamacare was a health reform program which was enacted by the 111th United States Congress that expanded the Medicaid and saved bigger cost in Medicare.

On the other hand, the Clinton Healthcare Plan which was later known as the Hillarycare – named after the erstwhile first lady Hillary Clinton – focuses mainly on providing American citizens a healthcare security card to give them proper medical treatment.

Both programs received a number of criticisms from the general public. In a poll statistics in October of 2013, at least 51 percent of the citizens disagreed with the Obamacare program while American neo-conservative William “Bill” Kristol criticized the Hillarycare stating that the political effects of a successful health care bill could generate a lot of melee between two parties.

Realizing that both health cares are just as atrocious as what he saw in the military, Dr. Picardi fought and endured all the political attacks that resulted in him not only to be wrongfully convicted in 2013 due to politically-motivated charges by higher officials but also be strip down of his medical license.

Unlike many, Dr. Picardi kept his composure and remained calm amidst a tough situation and went on to have his license reinstated in 2016 after a thorough review by the Nebraska Medical Board.

Consequently, Dr. Ed Picardi currently lives in South Dakota and has been giving all his time and effort to something bigger than himself by traveling all over the globe to providing urgently needed health care in medical missions.