Doctor Note Templates

A medical excuse note is necessary especially for employers who require their employees to submit one if they are absent from work due to medical reasons. College students are also asked to submit a medical letter if they can’t attend to class due to sickness.

What if you are absent because of sickness but are not actually admitted to the hospital. Will there be such a way for you to have a doctor’s note? The answer is yes! Today, there are lots of doctor note templates which can be easily downloaded and edited according to your needs and circumstances.

With so many downloadable doctor note templates, how will you be able to know which one is the best? You need to take a look at a few important details, which include the following:

  • Name of the Medical Institution – It includes the name and address of the hospital or clinic, physical address and phone number of the institution.
  • Date and Time – It indicates the exact time and date the patient consulted the doctor.
  • Patient’s Details – This includes the full name of the patient who consulted the doctor, age, gender, home address, name and address of the company or school, and the patient’s phone number. These details might be important for both parties, just in case there are other information that needs to be followed-up or any additional message by the doctor to the patient after the consultation, since the clinic or medical institution must also have a duplicate copy of the excuse note given to the patient.
  • The Doctor’s Message – This part of the note indicates the whole reason why the patient consulted the physician. It includes the medical complaints of the patient, initial vital signs, clinical manifestations prior to going to the doctor, and the likes. The physician may also include the interventions given to the patient as part of the documentation.
  • The Physician’s Signature and License Number – The signature (with date also written) and license number of the physician will make the excuse note legitimate.

Even the healthiest person gets sick sometimes. Illness and sickness are part of a person’s life and sometimes they occur without a warning. This leads you to be absent from work or school. Some types of sickness do not necessarily need hospitalization.

Most of the time, it requires rest and sleep. If you are not feeling well and you need to be absent from work for a couple of days, make sure you have a valid reason along with your medical certificate. That way, your employer or school won’t be able to question you.

Downloadable doctor note templates are a big help to both employees and students. Downloadable templates are easy to find. All you need to do is to search online and you will surely be bombarded with plenty of choices.

When making your choice, make sure you take into consideration the factors mentioned above. That way, you will be able to find the best doctor note template.