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3 Ways How Dore Aesthetics’ Pigment Removal Has Helped Women Regain Confidence and Beauty

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Over the years, Dore Aesthetics has been proving its remarkable services through its state-of-the-art treatments that have not only helped women to gain confidence but also to embrace their beauty. Ever since Dore Aesthetics opened its doors for the raging public, women have learnt how to be comfortable in their skin by paying heed to the treatments offered here.

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Dore Aesthetics has served approximately 2000 customers, and not even one of them has found their treatments to be ineffective. Ensuring safe procedures through remarkable technology, Dore Aesthetics has been renowned for its state-of-the-art pigment removal techniques quite actively, and that too, far and wide in Singapore.

In order to understand the composition of your skin, and how the treatments work in correspondence, we have mentioned 3 authentic ways that Dore Aesthetics uses to channel its timeless pigment removal techniques for your benefits. As you go on further below, you will not only get a chance to witness how the experts work, but also how you can avail these procedures with trust and faith.

1) Skin Assessment:

Melanin is a naturally existing biological pigment which is found in our skin, eyes, and hair, and is thus, responsible for exerting its effects on them through the influence of colour. In other words, melanin and adequate sun exposure are responsible for creating a mixture of beautiful people, whose skin and eye colours span across races, ethnicities and vicinities.

Due to massive sun exposure, there can be an uneven production of melanin in the skin, which can eventually result in hyperpigmentation or freckles, dark spots, liver spots and melasma. While freckles are embraced quite often, dark spots such as liver spots and melasma that result due to ageing and hormonal changes, respectively, are at times abhorred and make the person uncomfortable and unconfident.

Dore Aesthetics gives you a chance to walk into their studio and ask for a free skin assessment so that you can get to know the weaknesses and corresponding strengths of your skin. While acne can also leave residue and produce brown pigments that pile up and clog your skin, Dore Aesthetics provides you a chance to go through a full skin assessment, free of cost, of course, before consenting to a session by the experts.

2) Safe Procedures:

So, how do treatments at Dore Aesthetics work? Before counteracting any invasive procedure or radiation on our skin, we would want to know the pros and cons of the techniques involved in the treatments. Similarly, Dore Aesthetics uses technology that comprises of safe and effective procedures.

These procedures not only help to remove the dark pigments in your skin after targeting them proactively, but also make sure that they do not exert any harm to the surrounding tissues as well. These procedures can reach the clogged pits of your skin and thus, heat the targeted pigments with all of their energy, so that they can be broken down into fragments in response.

These fragments and minute particles are then discarded from the body as waste material, thus leaving behind clear, smooth and radiant skin. It is safe to say that Dore Aesthetics has made the dream of getting smoother, clearer and glowing skin come true with every effort and worthwhile procedure possible.

3) Long-lasting Results:

Luckily, the treatments and procedures offered at Dore Aesthetics for effective pigment removal neither result in any type of scarring nor leave residues behind. These treatments are foolproof and may exert its effects for as late as 3 weeks as well.

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These treatments are however, long-lasting, and come with a post-treatment instruction panel that would help you to know and take care of your skin better.

After the treatment, your skin may flush for as little as 15 minutes. You can also take a free trial session to witness the results yourself before consenting to a full treatment session. After countless treatments as per your package, Dore Aesthetics promise to be highly satisfactory in removing the pigments from your skin.

Consecutive treatments at Dore Aesthetics help to ensure foolproof removal of pigments from your skin, thus allowing you to beam with confidence, in more ways than one. It is however, advisable to brush upon your skincare in order to keep your skin fresh and healthy, and thus free from foreign particles. The treatments at Dore Aesthetics do not result in post-treatment scarring since they are minimally invasive and eventually, don’t go far till the dermis of the skin.

Dore Aesthetics has given Singapore a chance to avail the opportunity of getting a free trial session of pigment removal as soon as 22nd November, 2017. While you’re busy fretting over your acne scars and dark spots, there are countless people at Dore Aesthetics who are busy availing their state-of-the-art treatment and procedures as we speak.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.
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