Health is one of your greatest treasures. In the absence of it, your life can become challenging. Lives these days are extremely stressful, more so if you live in fast-paced metropolitan cities. It has, therefore, become necessary to invest in a health insurance plan that will protect you and your family against the risk of serious illnesses and serious injuries caused due to accidents.

However, every health insurance company claiming to offer you the best policy makes it increasingly difficult to choose the right one. Apart from so many policies, the description and benefits are often inundated with scary jargons that cause more confusion than clarity. It may not be easy to buy a healthcare plan, but it doesn’t have to complex either.


If you are wondering which health insurance company to choose, make sure your preferred one covers these important factors:

  • Simple claim process

The claim process offered by the health insurance company should be quick and simple. Therefore, these are two important considerations when looking for insurance company to purchase your Mediclaim policy. Additionally, you must also check their customer service to ensure that they offer robust support to their patrons.

  • Multiple insurance products

The health insurance company you choose should be able to offer you wide range of health plans. For example, do they offer a family health insurance policy? What if you want an individual health policy? Insurance providers, such as Care Health Insurance, have multiple health insurance plans to help you choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

  • Online premium calculator

Does your insurance provider give you online tools such as a premium calculator? This is a crucial factor when you are looking for coverage amount and the premiums associated with it. Your health insurance policy should offer you maximum coverage and suit your budget to remain sustainable in the long run. An online premium calculator lets you see real-time premium as you pick a sum insured and rider options to supplement your policy. It also ensures that the sum insured is adequate to pay for emergency medical expenses at an affordable premium.

  • Network of hospitals

The best health insurance company is the one that has an expansive network of hospitals to give you cashless facility when you need them the most. This facility can be a lifesaver, especially when you have an emergency. You will be able to access the best hospitals for treatment without worrying about bills. Your insurer will take care of the hospitalization costs as you focus on your recovery.

  • Pre and post hospitalization

Hospitalization is not the only expense you incur when you are diagnosed with a serious illness. Your insurance provider should also cover pre and post-hospitalization costs, such as medicines, consultations, diagnostic tests. Be sure to choose a company that offers you a policy inclusive of pre and post-hospitalization expenses.

  • Lifetime renewability

All the reputed insurance providers recognize the importance of healthcare plans that go far beyond the age limit of 65 years. With the lifelong renewability feature, you will stay covered for diseases even when you are past 70! So make sure your insurance company covers you for the longest period.

  • Free annual health check-ups

This is a preventive measure adopted by most health insurance providers to detect a serious disease in its early stages, thereby reducing medical costs. Look for an insurer with free annual check-ups as part of its health plan to help you stay on top of your good health.

  • No claim bonus

A health insurance company should reward its patrons with a no claim bonus to encourage them to follow a healthy lifestyle and avoid getting hospitalized. Unfortunately, this bonus is often added to the sum insured if you make no claims in a year. So, be sure to check the policy benefits carefully to ensure that your insurer covers this factor.

Since health insurance is a long-term investment, it is important to read the policy’s fine print and ensure that your insurance provider duly covers all these aspects.