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Do you want to be Healthy and Fit?

This is hardly a question of want. Of course, you want to be healthy and fit. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. Are there any shortcuts? Maybe, depends on what your definition of fit really is.


Some people wish to lose pounds, some people wish to gain pounds, some want to build muscles and tone their bodies while others just want their internal body to remain healthy. All these variations of being healthy and fit can be achieved by similar methods, but you must be willing to go the extra mile for it.


Your diet is the single most crucial factor that determines the status of your body. You must try your best to consume only the products that will help you achieve the type of body you crave for.

If you wish to lose weight, try to cut down carbs from your diet entirely. Eat fats and proteins in controlled amounts. This is because carbs are quick energy sources and as long as you’re consuming them in large quantities, your body will not burn the fat you have accumulated inside.  Another thing you can do in this regard if you have special needs is follow a diet plan designed by a good nutritionist.

For those who wish to gain weight or increase muscle tone, protein is the answer. Drink lots of water to remain safe from the adverse effects of excessive protein intake. Also include small portions of fat and carbohydrates in your diet.

Include fiber in your diet in any form, as fiber intake is the best way to keep your organs healthy. Fiber can clear out your intestines and keeps the flow of foodstuff inside your body smooth and healthy. Although beware, excessive fiber intake also causes dehydration. So, if you plan to eat more fiber, remember to increase your water intake alongside as well.


Exercise is also crucial to achieve and maintain your ideal body. For those who wish to lose weight, their workout must include lots of cardio, with some strength exercise to tone their bodies. This is because cardio exercise causes your body to rapidly burn calories which allows your fat storage to be tapped and hence burned, which results in weight loss.

For others, it is best to focus on strength training and include small bits of cardio in your workout to get the most out of your workout. This is because strength training allows the basic metabolism of your body to increase which allows your body to remain toned.
When you do devise a workout for yourself, remember to change it from time to time to not let your body get used to its intensity.

It is not necessary that you go through hectic workouts every single day; regular, light exercise works just as well to maintain any sort of body shape.


A sort of shortcut to achieve the kind of body you want is by using supplements.
Health supplements are available as herbal treatments or chemical ones. It should go without saying that herbal treatments are the most preferred ones since they do not mess with your hormones too much.

Some of the most commonly used supplements include fish oil, whey protein, branched chain amino acids, multivitamins, protein powders and creatines. These supplements all offer different sorts of advantages, for example, protein supplements are ideal for gaining muscle mass, glucosamine is for strengthening your joints etc.

Supplements are available for any sort of health plan you have, be it losing weight or gaining muscle or even fat. For more information on the best supplements visit http://supplementyouneed.com/.


For a healthy and sound mind and body, you must ensure you are getting ample sleep every day. Sleeping 8 hours a day is recommended, but at least six hours of sleep are crucial for maintaining your health and not falling into any illness.

Getting sleep that is less than six to eight hours regularly causes you to maintain a permanently tired look. This is because you grow dark circles or bags under your eyes. Sleeping less also causes you to look more aged than you are as it promotes visibility of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes.

Sleeping less often also causes you to be lethargic throughout the day so you are not very productive either.

Mental fitness

Mental AwarenessMental and psychological health must never be underestimated. In more ways than one, your physical fitness is dependent on your mental well-being.

Try your best to keep your life free of any sort of stress or anxiety. In case you do have some issue, visit a therapist regularly and follow his advice. This is because mental illness directly affects your physical fitness and negatively impacts your willingness to get things done.


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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