Missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed. However, you do have options to replace them. Dental implants are a very strong solution to your missing tooth problem.

Titanium implants are inserted into the gum to fuse with the bone below, and then topped with a natural looking crown on top to give you a very strong tooth that looks like the real deal.

Dental implants are the closest things to real teeth that you can get. So how do you know if you need dental implants or not? Here are some reasons why people choose to undergo the procedure.

You are missing a tooth or teeth

Teeth can fall out for many reasons – tooth decay, sudden impacts, or gum disease. It’s what you choose to do after your tooth falls out that counts.

Dental implants are the most resilient “false” teeth that you can get. If you’re after the most comprehensive solution to your missing tooth – a dental implant is it.

You hate your dentures

Your dentures aren’t particularly comfy – they feel funny in your mouth, and they likely remind you of either your parents or even your grandparents!

If you really just dislike your dentures, then you are likely a good candidate for receiving dental implants. Your new teeth are with you for the rest of your life, so it’s important to get them right!

You have a rotten tooth

Even if your rotten tooth hasn’t as yet fallen out, then you may be a good candidate for a dental implant. You will need your dentist in Parramatta to first extract the rotten tooth before you receive the implant.

You don’t want to get a bridge

The go to fix for a missing tooth or a few teeth in a row has long been a dental bridge. However, you might not be particularly keen to get one. Dental implants are an obvious alternative and are often the better choice. Ask your Parramatta dentist the difference between the two to find out more.

You have very crooked teeth

Depending on how severely crooked your teeth are, you might like to choose to have dental implants rather than getting braces. While braces will get your teeth into line the whole process takes a long time to get your teeth straight.

Braces also might not be a good solution for those with cavities and/or issues like fractured teeth. Dental implants may be a better solution to your crooked teeth than braces for some people.

Dental implants can be a costly experience, so you will want to ensure that you have good private health cover that will pay towards the costs of the surgery, or you are able to self-fund the cost either outright or via a loan.

If you have gum disease this will need to be addressed before you undergo the procedure for the implants too. This is because the risk of infection after getting the implants goes up considerably if you have an active infection in the mouth. Likewise, smokers will need to quit before they undergo the procedure as it can also lead to infection.

Choosing the right dentists in Parramatta is also an important decision. You will want to make sure that the oral surgeon you choose has enough experience with dental implants so they know just what to do when they get into your mouth!

Make sure that when you are going in for your initial consultation that you go in with a list of questions that you have regarding the surgery – you don’t want to be in for any nasty surprises down the track!

Summary: Why get dental implants over your other options? Who is a good candidate for these titanium implants? Read on to find out

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